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Wrapping a Root Perm

Q: Can you recommend a source that can provide proper technique for wrapping a root perm? I have a client who is desperate for me to try this method on her hair, and I've been unable to find any courses or contacts in my area. Specifically, what is done with the ends of the hair that is not wrapped to protect it from any dripping of the solution? Any information you can provide is appreciated.
A: The main difference in a root perm and a regular perm wrap is that instead of using tissue-fiber end papers, you wrap the lower portions of the hair using a plastic wrap or coated papers to prevent the perming solution from saturating anything more than the scalp areas of the hair.
The amount of the plastic/paper wrap needed depends on the length of the hair being permed. Root perms are generally used for shorter hairstyles when the hair has a tendency to fall flat.
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