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Getting a Perm & Pregnancy

Q: I am 20 weeks pregnant and thinking about getting a perm. My hair is fairly healthy, & I’d like to KEEP it that way, but it looks so boring. Maybe I just need a better haircut. (Just cut it about 2 weeks ago – nothing cool or snazzy – but a nice trim.)
So, there are rumors about not coloring or perming your hair while you’re pregnant because it won’t take right. Is that mostly true? I’m in the second trimester, and I heard it is better in trimester 2 rather than 1 & 3 for doing this stuff to your hair. Is there any validity to that either?
Finally, are there any websites you recommend for deciding on which types of curls or cuts are best for the shape of your face? My face is widest at the eyes and sort of a combination of heart and square; sort of diamond-like. In other words, my face is in between shapes, and sometimes it’s hard to get good examples of what would look good on my face.

A: This is a common question among expectant moms who are looking at perming their hair. While it is true that some women go through dramatic hormonal changes in their pregnancy and immediately after, which have equally dramatic results on their hair, most women are perfectly able to get their hair colored, permed and pretty much have whatever they want done to their hair during pregnancy.
Of course, pregnant or not, a woman should always have a patch test before any chemical service to determine whether or not there is sensitivity to the chemicals being used. This can be doubly true for pregnant women, who often experience increased sensitivity during their pregnancy.
The rumors and old wives’ tales are usually born from word-of-mouth anecdotes about someone whom somebody knew who experienced a specific reaction and was cited later as a hazard to someone facing a similar situation. The truth is, you may not be able to tolerate the chemicals during your pregnancy, but another person may, if you have concerns about health risks to the baby, then consult your physician. Otherwise, have a patch test performed and proceed with reasonable caution and you should be fine.
A great way to find a new hairstyle that suits your face shape is hairstyles software.
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