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Perm Chemically Straightened Hair

Q: I got my hair chemically straightened about 6 months ago. Would I be able to get it permed now or how much longer do I have to wait because I really miss my curls?
A: Well, as long as the chemical straightening did not use any hydroxide-based products, you should be able to get your hair permed as soon as you like.
If you are unsure about what was used to straighten your hair, ask your stylist. Hair that has been treated with hydroxide-based straighteners/relaxers will have an adverse chemical reaction when exposed to the ammonium thioglycolate used in most permanent wave processes. The result is the hair's structural integrity being irreparably damaged.
If your hair was straightened with a hydroxide-based product, you will have to wait until the straightened portions of your hair have completely grown out before the hair can be permed. This, depending on the length of your hair can take years, since hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month.
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