Brick-Lay Perm

Brick perm how to
Q: What way do rods go into your hair for a brick perm and could you send me pictures of some? Thank you.
A: In a brick-lay perm wrap, the rods are placed in the hair much the same way as bricks are laid in construction.
The sections are offset from the rods in the row above, using shorter rods on the ends of rows where needed. Most often, rod placement is horizontal, but can be whatever base direction you wish.
The brick-lay perm wrap technique is excellent for minimizing "gaps" and giving a more even, natural-looking wave pattern. The brick-lay wrap can be modified to give varying results depending on the base direction, size of the curl, and whether the rods are placed using off-base or on-base placement.
In some cases, only a portion of the hair will be wrapped in the brick-lay method, while other techniques are used to create different effects on different sections of the hair.
The illustration shows the basic brick-lay perm wrap. You may need practice if you are not familiar with the technique as it is more free-form than the standard perm wrap.
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