Perms Q&A (4)

Hair with perming
I'm looking for information on a perming technique to create large banana curls.
In order for my perm to be curly it has to be scrunched a great deal. Is that normal?
I received a bad perm with tight curls on top and straight all the way down.
I recently had a bout with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Would it be ok to get a perm?
I recently had a permanent, but the smell doen's go away. What can I do?
Is an acid perm or an alkaline perm more likely to smell burnt after processing?
Is it better to wait more than 48 hours before shampooing my newly permed hair?
Is it ok if I flat iron my hair before I get a perm?
Is it ok to get my hair braided a few days after a perm?
Is it ok to just comb out the hair straight when doing a reverse perm?
Is it ok to perm colored hair?
Is it ok to put someone under a hood dryer before a perm and after rinsing the neutralizer?
Is it ok to use at-home color after I got a body wave?
Is it possible for a perm never to come out of the hair?
Is it possible to get a very loose perm?
Is it possible to find organic (no chemicals) perming lotions?
Is it proper to not dry my hair before neutralizing it to set the curl?
Is it really necessary to use perm spacers?
Is it risky to perm my bleached hair?
Is it safe to get a perm 1 or 2 months before an operation?
Is it safe to have a home perm 2 years after radiation and chemotherapy?
Is it safe to have my hair permed when taking fertility drugs?
Is it safe to perm chemically treated hair that was straightened?
Is it true that I should use beer to shampoo my hair to get a perm out of it?
Is it true that permanent solution kills the hair?
Is it true that permed hair is always greasy?
Is perming a thing of the past and why?
Is the likely reason for my hair not taking a perm my pregnancy?
Is there a difference between a permanent wave processed with heat vs. without heat?
Is there any help for cow licks?
Is there a technique to unroll perm rods to maintin the best curl?
Is there anything I can do to make my perm take better?
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