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Perms and Beer to Shampoo Hair

Q: I have a big problem and I hope that you could solve it for me. When I was 11 years old I did a permanent in my hair (to straighten it). My real hair is wavy. I kept on doing it until last summer. I am now 18 years old, so I was doing it once/twice a year for about 7 years. I decided to not to do it ever again and started growing my real wavy hair. It's now about 5 cm long. I really want my real hair to grow faster than ever. Some people (hairdressers) told me to wash my hair twice a week with beer to make the perm go out of it.
My question is: Is this a good thing to do, and is there a quicker way to make my real hair grow faster?

A: I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there is nothing that will make your hair grow any faster than it is genetically predisposed to do. The key to optimizing hair growth is to make sure the hair is kept clean and well-conditioned.
As for the use of beer to shampoo (beer shampoo) the hair helping to remove a perm, there is no basis to this claim. Beer will help to add volume to the hair, since the alcohol content helps to remove the oils in the hair which can flatten the hair and the proteins in the beer will help to strengthen it. However, since perms change the wave pattern of the hair by breaking and reforming the chemical side bonds of the hair, and since beer causes no chemical changes in the hair, beer will do nothing to remove a perm.
What I recommend is that you consider getting a re-perm using rods that approximate the size of the wave in your hair naturally. This will allow your natural wave to grow out without being so obvious while it does so.
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