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Spiral Perm & Pregnancy

Q: I recently received a "spiral perm", that from the minute the curlers came out my hair was not curly. I am 4 months pregnant so I have heard hormones in pregnancy can affect the outcome of a perm and I also have heard this is a myth. The person that did my hair was also waiting on customers in the salon buying shampoos and things, also cut a man's hair while letting the neutralizer sit in my hair. She also used Orange/Light Orange rods, I am told she should have used purple. What do you think is the likely reason for my hair not taking; my pregnancy or the lack of professionalism done on my hair? How long do I have to wait to try another time, because I was given a refund and 5 hours down the drain? Thanks.
A: Well, I'm sorry to hear that you have had such problems. It is true that hormonal changes can affect hair growth and the way hair responds to chemical services. However, most of the issues in this situation can be overcome by an experienced stylist.
My opinion is that your hair stylist most likely erred in first not making test curls in your hair to determine processing times and second by failing to pay sufficient attention during the processing. The fact that your stylist gave you a refund is an indication that he/she feels that the service you received was lacking.
As for how long you have to wait, that depends on the condition of your hair. If you hair is in good condition, go ahead and schedule a new service appointment. This time, however, explain to the stylist what problems you have had in the past so that he/she can make necessary adjustments. Insist that a test curl be performed to ensure that the hair will respond properly and that you can have the results you want without damage to the hair.
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