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Unroll Boomerang Perm Rods

Q: I am using the long perm rods (sometimes referred to as boomerang perm rods or loop perm rods) and I want to make sure I unroll them correctly. Is there a special technique to unroll them so that I maintain the best curl?
A: Well, if you've processed your perm properly the curls created by the permanent wave should be stable. That being said, it is always advisable to be gentle with the hair when it is wet, particularly when the hair is wet with a chemical product. Remember that when the hair is wet it is at its most fragile.
It's probably the best suggestion to work from the rollers at the bottom and move upward along the head. The roller can be turned in place to loosen the hair around the rods, then the curl should be unwound from the rod. It may be possible, once the hair is loosened sufficently, to simply slide the rod out from the curl.
One thing to remember is that the hair will usually be easier to remove from the rods when it is wet. However, if you want the finished style to be a mass of curls, you may allow the hair to remain wrapped until it is dry. You can then use a light misting of spray gel or styling spritz and scrunch the curls lightly to define them and give some hold.
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