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Reverse Perm for Straight Hair

Q: I have very wavy hair and I like to wear it straight, which means blow drying and a straightening iron. I heard that a reverse perm could help. What I was told was instead of using curlers, just comb out the hair straight. Is this ok? I will have my hairstylist do this. Thanks for your help. LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!
A: The reverse perm is, indeed, a good way to help smooth out waves in the hair, and is a technique that has been in use for a very long time. I’m sure your stylist has performed this technique many times in her career, so she should be able to advise you as to what you can expect from the results.
Just in case she doesn’t I will warn you that the simple “reverse perm” technique of combing through the waving lotion and neutralizer won’t give you perfectly straight hair. The actual results will depend on the specific level of wave and curl you have and the hair’s texture, but you will see a definitive reduction in the amount of wave if your hair is very curly/wavy.
I would recommend you talk to your stylist about some of the newer options available in smoothing and straightening treatments for the hair. For example, you could opt for the Thermal Reconditioning (Japanese Straightening) or the Brazilian Straightening or other permanent straightening methods now available, although these can be VERY expensive to the average consumer, and some women dislike having their hair be “too straight”. These also require special training and may not be a part of your stylist’s repertoire.
Another good option would be to ask your stylist if he/she has heard of the Xtenso products from L’Oreal. These professional products have become very popular for providing straightening and smoothing for women who don’t want “stick straight” hair and can’t afford the kinds of fees charged for the more intensive straightening services.
Whatever you choose, I’m glad to hear that you are planning to work with your stylist. I’m not one who insists that ONLY a professional stylist can perform services on your hair, but when you are looking into a new process or technique, it is best to go with someone with more experience.
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