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Braids After a Perm

Q: Is it ok to get my hair braided a few days after a perm? Will the braids ruin the perm?
A: A properly executed perm will be as stable as your natural hair's wave pattern. And as long as you've followed your stylist's advice and waited the prescribed length of time after the perm, you should be fine with any physical styling techniques.
The only thing I would pay close attention to would be the texture and condition of your hair after the perm service. Most perms leave the hair more porous than it was before perming, and this can mean the hair gets dry and can be more brittle. As a result it can be prone to damage. So, be sure to keep your hair thoroughly conditioned and use your best judgment before exposing your hair to ANY stressful styling procedures.
Finally, most of this concern is somewhat conditional, and depends on the kind of braiding to which you are referring. If you simply mean sectioning the hair into a single braid (such as a French braid or herringbone braid) or even into a few braided sections, then there's no real cause for concern overmuch. However, by "get my hair braided" refers to an intricately braided style such as corn rows, box braids or micro-braids, then make sure you consider the condition and texture of the hair carefully and make your decisions based on what would be best for your hair in its current condition.
On a side note, if you are looking for an intricately braided style (which is usually worn for extended lengths of time) I would ask about the purpose for having the hair permed. Since perms are generally done to add curl, body or volume, having recently permed hair styling into such a braided style would seem counterproductive.
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