Perm Before Operation

Permed hair before surgery
Photo: Koldunov/Shutterstock
Q: Is it safe to get a perm 1 or 2 months before an operation? And will the perm turn frizzy with the drugs they give you to put you under?
A: You should be fine to have your hair permed a month or two (or even a few days) before an operation. Properly performed a perm will leave the hair as stable as it was beforehand.
It can be more porous due to chemical processing, but that won't be affected by medications and anesthetic. There are people who have problems with perming the hair when they are on long term medications, but in most cases the use of a clarifying shampoo will ensure good perm results.
The problems between medications and perming the hair most often result because some medicines can affect the way that hair grows. In these cases, the hair may grow with a more compact cuticle layer and be more resistant to chemical processing and color. It may grow more porous and lose moisture more easily or become dry and less easily conditioned.
But in the scenario you describe, I see nothing to worry about. If your hair is in good condition (and healthy) you should be able to get your perm with no problem. Afterward, simply take care of your permed hair as directed by your stylist. Keep it well-moisturized and conditioned and you should be fine.
Note: If you are going to be confined to bed rest for an extended period, you may want to invest in a silk or satin pillowcase (or sleeping cap) to reduce the amount of friction generated between your hair and the bed linens on which you lay your head.
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