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Large Banana Curls Perm

Q: I am looking for information on a perm that I had seen on a TV fashion show some time back. I have very long fine hair. The show was giving a segment on a perm for long hair that was done with plastic pieces resembling large "jacks". Like the jacks from the game you play as a kid with the bouncing ball. They were large, plastic and different colors. I have looked all over the place online for something similar but couldn't find anything. The result was similar to large banana curls. Have you heard of this or anything like it? I'm looking for something other than a spiral perm.
A: While the particular tools you describe are not anything I have ever seen used, the concept of using non-traditional tools is nothing new. Many salons offer "specialty perms" using non-traditional tools to wrap and create the wave pattern in the hair. I have seen stylists use everything from orange juice canisters to children's building blocks.
Your best bet is to visit a salon and talk to the stylists there about what they can offer you in the way of Specialty Perms. Discuss the type of wave you want, or whatever texture you want in the hair, and what can be used to achieve the look. A creative stylist can help you come up with a technique to get the look you want and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you possibly helped to design a specialty perming technique that could start a styling trend in your area.
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