Fertility Drugs and Permed Hair

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Q: I am currently taking low doses of fertility drugs in injection form. Is it safe to have my hair permed? I had always heard that if you are taking any medication or if you become pregnant that a perm will not take or last? What's the truth?
A: The truth of the matter is that some people experience different results in the way their hair responds to chemical services like perms when they are taking medications or undergo hormonal fluctuations, and some don't.
Most stylists ask about medications and health conditions prior to a chemical service so that they know about potential problems, and they use products like clarifying shampoos to help remove the residue left by medications as well as oils and other substances that might prevent penetration of the chemicals and hinder the processing.
The best way to make sure your hair will respond well to perming while taking the fertility drugs is to simply perform a test. Select an area of the head that is inconspicuous (usually in the back) and roll a single curl on a perm rod. Be sure to secure the rest of the hair out of the way.
Process the curl normally, by first applying waving lotion, allowing it to process, rinse the curl and blot it dry, then apply neutralizer, time it and rinse it clear. Remove the rod and dry the curl, evaluating the results. This will give you an accurate idea of how your hair will respond and if it doesn't respond well, the positioning of the curl will make hiding it easier.
It's generally a good idea to enlist a professional's assistance when you expect to have problems with your hair and a given chemical service. The professional will be able to evaluate the hair and the processing as it occurs and will possibly adjust the timing or application of chemicals to maximize your results. At the very least, it should help you avoid damaging your hair by trying things on your own.
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