Perm Went Straight

Perm gone wrong
Photo: Nikolai Kazakov/Shutterstock
Q: If I just had my hair permed and that night half of my hair went straight, is it ok to get it permed again?
A: Provided your hair is in reasonable condition after the initial perm service, you should be able to have your hair re-permed to correct the curl results.
Once the permanent waving solution has been neutralized from the hair, your hair should be stable and safe to be permed as long as it has not been damaged. If there is any question about the hair's condition, make certain you test the hair before doing an all-over perm.
I would, however, suggest that you speak to the stylist who performed the initial perm service and discuss the potential causes for the results you got from the perm service. It is possible that the hair was not sufficiently processed with the waving lotion, or that the neutralizer was left on the hair an insufficient amount of time to reform the chemical side bonds.
If possible, be sure to give your hair a deep conditioning treatment between the perms, and let your hair relax for at least a few days (although a week would be preferred).
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