Perm Color Treated Hair

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Q: After much research, I'm still not sure if perms are recommended for color treated hair. I wear my hair short in a spiky cut and color it every 4-5 weeks. I'm thinking of growing it out a bit and thinking a perm might be fun for the spring. I would have it professionally done by my current hair stylist.
I know there are new products on the market, and she thinks it should be alright since my hair looks healthy. I just don't want that "straw" look that screams over-processed. I know there is never a guarantee, but what is the accepted best practice? Thank you.

A: Well, there should really be no problem with having your hair permed, so long as your hairstylist is versed in giving perm services.
Since you say the stylist has remarked that your hair is in good condition, you should be able to get a gentle perm (such as an acid-based perm) that will give you the results you want.
Your stylist should be able to assess your hair's needs and choose the proper perm formula for your hair. If he/she has any concerns or is unsure about making the selection, ask him/her to refer you to a stylist with more experience in perming the hair. However, given the description you've offered, I really can't see you having a major problem with perming your hair.
What I do recommend for all my clients who want to add curl through a permanent wave is to be sure to talk to your stylist about exactly what kind of curl you want. Include photos that represent the look you would like to try and achieve. Your stylist can then instruct you on exactly what styling steps will be required to achieve the look you want.
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