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Perm & Curler

Q: I'm giving a perm to someone and it's been years since my last one. Am I supposed to curl the hair under with the curler or over? I've tried looking on the web for a sample of how the curlers are supposed to be. Please help.
A: The short answer for you is to curl the hair under the rod. (Remember that you always want to be winding "down" for a standard croquinole wrap.) Be sure to section the hair first into the standard nine-section partings, which will make it easier for you to work with the hair, especially if you have been out of practice for a while.
We have an article on "How to Wrap a Perm" here on Hairfinder, which would probably be worth a look to you. It features diagrams of the sectioning, and a step-by-step with photos of the wrapping process. Good luck.
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