Permed Hair and Dreads

Photo: Gansstock/Shutterstock
Q: I've had a perm in my hair about a year ago and the beautician said I can't get dreads even though it's been a year. I have to get all my hair cut off and start over. What shall I do?
A: Well, you can either follow the advice of your beautician and wait for the permed part of your hair to grow out and be cut away, or you can look for another hairdresser who is willing to work with your hair, even though it has been permed.
The reason your beautician told you what she did is that the hair, once it has been permed, can be very brittle and much weaker than non-chemically-treated hair. The process of twisting the hair into dreads puts a considerable amount of stress on the hair.
If the hair is weak, dry or brittle, you can end up with fuzzy-looking dreads and find yourself having spent considerable amounts of money on a hairstyle with which you will not be happy, all because your hair's condition was unsuitable for the style you chose.
Another consideration may be that when a stylist does your hair, the results are a reflection on his or her ability. The beautician you spoke to may not have been willing to risk the possible damage that could result because of your hair's condition since it would reflect poorly on him or her.
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