Take Curly Perm Away

Woman who is not happy with her perm
Photo: Olena Zaskochenko/Shutterstock
Q: Can I take my curly perm hair away with an Ogilvie Straightening kit?
A: Yes. Since the Ogilvie Straightening kit is basically a perm without rollers, it simply works the same way a perm does in breaking and reforming the side bonds in the hair into the new configuration (without curl).
However, you do need to remember that, like a perm service, the straightening kit does raise the cuticle layer of the hair and increases the hair's porosity, and this basically equates to hair damage. And this damage is cumulative with the damage done by the original perming process, so you need to be very careful to follow the guidelines specifically and avoid over-processing the hair.
You also need to be extra conscientious about caring for the hair afterward. The hair will need lots of moisture and will also need to be protected from any other possible damage sources such as heat styling.
Finally, because of the potential for added damage, if your hair was recently permed, I highly recommend waiting at least two weeks before using the straightening kit to remove the curl.
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