Henna & Placenta Conditioner

Long permed hair
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Q: Can I use henna/placenta conditioner on my hair that was permed two weeks ago? It was done at a beauty school, and the instructor thinks the final rinse was not done properly. It is very dry. I have been using V05 hot oil treatment almost every shampoo (every 2-3 days).
A: While you should be able to use the henna/placenta conditioner on your hair after two weeks without concern for interaction because of the perm, I don't know if I would follow that route yet.
Henna-based products COULD (depending on the precise formulation) leave a coating on the hair that can interfere with future services. Henna-based hair color cannot easily be removed when you want to lighten the hair afterward and can interfere with other chemical services since the henna color does coat the hair shaft.
I have been unable to get any real information on what the "henna" formulation in this hair mask treatment is meant to do, and I know that the placenta portion is intended to add protein to the hair. The trouble is, that what I think your hair needs most is moisture and something to help seal the cuticle layer to lock moisture in the hair.
What bothers me most is that you say that the instructor of the beauty school you visited stated that it was her belief the service was not finished properly which has resulted in your hair being left feeling dry and damaged to the point that you have been repeatedly using hot oil treatments. If this is the case, you need to go to her and ask that she helps you to correct the problem. Having received my initial training in a school setting (which I recommend for most would-be stylists, as long as you go to an accredited school) I know that the instructors are supposed to monitor the students doing chemical services to ensure the safety of the clients.
You may have been asked to sign a waiver stating that you wouldn't hold the school responsible for mishaps from a student stylist doing your hair, but that doesn't keep you from requesting a minimal effort from the teachers to make things right. If you meet resistance, suggest that the instructor can use the opportunity as an object lesson for the students on how to deal with damaged hair and how various treatments work to improve hair quality.
If you get absolutely no willingness to address the situation to your satisfaction, contact your local Secretary of State to find out who to speak with in the State's Board of Cosmetology to address problems with salons of this nature.
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