Spiral Curls Hairstyle

Spiral curls
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Q: Four years ago, I decided to get a spiral perm. Once my perm had relaxed over the next couple of weeks, which of course I was expecting, the curls were beautiful! I loved how they were layered and the “springy” look. I had tons of compliments and the perm actually held great well over a year.
Now here’s my question, are spiral curls still popular? I have been searching on the net regarding spiral perms, but nothing really seems to pop out at me. I am thinking about getting another spiral perm, really just because I really liked it, but I also want a stylish hairstyle as well. Any help that you can offer will be great!

A: Well, as styles come and go, it’s best to stick with the “elements of style” that define a given period and use the basics that A) you like and B) look good on you. To many women get bogged down in the idea that they have to have the current “trendy” hairstyle, even to the point of selecting a style that doesn’t suit them. And some stylists are perfectly willing to give women the styles they ask for, regardless of what looks right for them.
However, I would hope that you have a hairdresser that you feel good about, and with whom you can discuss what you would like to accomplish. He/she can help you adapt your spiral perm into a style that you will love, and one that will not look dated.
To help you do just that, I can offer the following: Back when Spiral Perms were last popular, the look was “big” and women wanted maximum volume for maximum impact. When you had your last spiral perm (four years ago) the current trend was also for the “bed head” look – that carefully crafted look of “just rolling out of bed” – or the “shaken” look – which was also carefully crafted and implied that you simply ran your fingers through your hair and shook it and it fell into place.
Today’s trend, however, is to a smoother, more defined and controlled look. Spiral curls still have a welcome place, but the look should be less “maximum impact” and more “silky spirals” and smooth styling. You can still have all the benefits you want from your spiral perm, but can keep the look current and trendy.
Aside from that, I say go for it. Never be afraid to pursue a style that you love (as long as it looks good on you) just because you think it’s not trendy. Many of the world’s most beautiful women have “signature” styles that adapt to trends but remain in essence the same. Spiral curls could be yours.
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