African Hair Q&A (2)

Woman with African hair
I've been having so many issues with my hair and I have a few questions.
I would like to know why my wave nouveau will not curl sometimes.
I would like to swim every day with my relaxed hair. Any suggestions?
Japanese thermal relaxer is not recommended for African hair, but what about "in-between" hair?
My biracial daughter's hair becomes frizzy and flyaway after it dries.
What can I do to stop the little knots at the end of each strand of my hair?
What can I use for curly and neat medium length or short hair?
What can you advice for my poofy and frizzy out of control hair?
What hair color would stand out for an African-American?
What is scab hair?
What is the best way to grow out an Afro?
What is the best way to scrunch my hair?
What measures should I take to care for my hair while working out and thereafter?
What product should I use for more defined curls?
What should I use to wash my child's African-American hair to keep it soft?
What would you suggest that I use to color my hair that is safe?
Where can I find more information about how to get a 'picky afro' style?
Would thinning help to make African hair easier to handle?
If I decide to get cornrows, what kind of natural products would you suggest ... ?
How often should I be trimming dead/split-ends?
What is "too much" in terms of putting hair products on?
Is water damaging to your hair?
Why does the winter seem to make my hair so hard ... ?
Can you recommend a good leave-in moisturizing spray ... ?
What's the healthiest direction to cut hair?
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