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Q: I am African American and I have a Motion light perm in my hair. What kind of product can I use to make my hair look short and curly (similar to Jherri curls)? I see (especially in the summer time) so many black women with short or medium length hair that looks curly and neat. What are they using? I know that they are Curly products out there but you cannot use them with a perm. Can you help me please? Thank you.
A: Since you are already using Motions products, I would recommend that you use Motions styling lotion. This product, while usually used for doing wraps, is safe for use on permed or relaxed hair. As long as the perm you have gives you the size of curl you want, the Motions styling lotion should give you long-lasting curls.
Simply apply the styling lotion to the hair and scrunch the curls, or use a pick or wide-tooth comb in order to organize smooth soils. If you want added shine or need to refresh your look throughout the day, look for and use a leave-in spray conditioner with light fruit oils. This will provide a glossy finish to the curls and help combat frizz as you go through your busy day.
The benefit of the Motions styling lotion is that as long as you don't handle the curls too much when they are dry, they will retain the smooth, wet finish, and if they do begin to "fray" during the day, you can spritz them with the leave-in conditioner and scrunch them gently to restore the smooth look.
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