Rain and Frizzing Hair

Rain and frizzing African hair
Q: I have a serious problem. I have issues with frizzing. I am an African-American with a nice grain of hair that I want to wear my hair out but can't seem to do it because of the frizzing during those rainy days, like today. Is there anything I can do to keep a nice hair style in the rain?
A: Most women experience problems with frizzing on humid days and African-American women can have even more problems given the average texture of African-American hair. In order to fight frizz, you need to use products that will seal the hair and prevent the penetration of the hair shaft by the moisture in the hair.
Look for product containing silicone or using wax bases. Anti-frizz serums can be applied to damp hair after towel drying and worked through the hair using a wide-tooth comb prior to drying with a blow-dryer.
You can then use additional serum to add extra protection, or use styling wax or pomade to define the style and keep the hair smooth and humidity resistant.
During the day, do not brush the hair. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb if necessary, or preferably use your fingers to adjust your style.
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