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Q: What is "too much" in terms of putting hair products on? Severe dry scalp is an issue for me now (a side effect of my relaxer), so I want to keep it moist. I use oil every day and moisturizing conditioners, but it just doesn't seem to be enough. The only way my hair doesn't dry out an hour after leaving the house is if I use oil and/or leave-in condition liberally. It keeps my hair moist throughout the day and helps stop the breakage, which I love, but some say that oily hair is as bad as dry hair and that I shouldn't use so much. How do I know what's a proper amount?
A: Okay, the ideas of what is "oily" or "dry" are very subject terms and too much or too little conditioner or oil varies based on the texture and needs of the hair. The good news is that as your scalp recovers from the relaxer-abuse you will find the dry scalp condition will improve.
As for what is the right amount of oil and conditioner you should consider what state your hair and scalp is in. As long as the hair is manageable and looks attractive without being weighed down or looking greasy, then I would say you are on a good track. Keep in mind that most leave-in conditioners are designed to be "light" and quickly absorbed by the hair and scalp, and that many light oil sprays for the hair make good skin moisturizers, too. Consider getting a small, or travel-sized bottle of your favorite leave-in conditioning spray and take it with you during the day to "refresh" the condition of your hair when you need it.
I also want to mention that in most cases, when people talk about having oily hair, they are referring to a condition where the scalp produces an overabundance of oil on its own. Cases where an individual needs to use spray-on leave-in conditioners and has dry scalp problems generally don't exist alongside problems with oily hair and scalp.
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