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Picky Afro Style

Q: Please could you let me know where I could get more information about how to get a 'picky afro' style?
A: Well, our website here at offers a section on hairstyles for African-Americans and others of African descent. You can find links to hairstyles for African-ethnicities here.
I also recommend that you look at your local newsstand or market for magazines featuring hairstyles for African-ethnic hair. These publications often offer a variety of styles as well as tips for achieving the looks featured in the magazines.
As for the basic, picked-out afro style, it generally requires hair of a specific texture and wave pattern (namely coarse, and curly-to-kinky), which is cut in a uniform layered cut. The cut is created by selecting a length and creating a traveling guide where the hairs are cut to the length of the segment that was cut immediately before. This segment is then used as the guide for the next segment's cut. The hair is then generally styled using a tool called a pick, which is a wide-tooth styling tool with a handle perpendicular to the spine of the teeth of the tool.