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Summer and Winter Hair

Q: Why does the winter seem to make my hair so hard but in the summer, the heat of the sun seems to keep it soft?
A: Simply put, it is the nature of elements to become harder when colder and softer when heated. The human body is 70% water, including the hair, and since we all know that water turns to ice in the winter and that the heat of the sun will melt water and eventually cause it to evaporate, then you can see fairly simply why the hair feels different in different climates.
Because of the hair's response to winters cold and summer's heat, you have to remember that the hair needs to be protected during the times of exposure to these climes. In winter, going repeatedly from warm, dry interiors to cold, damp exteriors can make the hair expand and contract and can dry the hair out terribly. Keeping the hair well-conditioned and moisturized can protect the hair from damage.
In the summer, the heat and exposure to the sun can expand the hair's cuticle layer and allow the moisture in the hair shaft to be evaporated. It becomes necessary to use a deep conditioning moisturizer to re-hydrate the hair, along with a sunscreen to protect the scalp and hair itself from any lightening of the hair color and excess damage.
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