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Wash African-American Hair

Q: I have a 1 month old African-American son and I was told not to wash his hair in {brand name deleted} Baby Products. What should I use on his hair to maintain the softness of it?
A: Actually, from all that I've read, the brand you mention is not harmful at all to your child's hair. What you need to be concerned about, however, is over-shampooing the hair. The baby's hair doesn't need to be shampooed more than a couple of times a week at most.
On the other hand, you should be conditioning the baby’s hair daily, to keep it soft, and tangle-free. Be sure to use a wide-toothed comb on the baby’s hair whenever you comb it, and never comb it dry, or wet it with water in order to comb it. If you need to comb the baby’s hair, use a conditioner to make sure it stays soft and manageable.
If you really want to find some hair products specifically for use on African-American children’s hair, you can usually find a variety at your local beauty supply store. We at Hairfinder don’t endorse specific products or brands. Even so, rest assured that the brand you mentioned before is perfectly safe for your child, barring individual allergies and sensitivities.
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