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Glenda Narulla shaved her head
Bald fashion model Singapore based part-time model Glenda Narulla shaved her head. This is not exactly something any fashion model would be willing to do. Many models already shiver when being asked to cut their hair short. Glenda was invited to shave her head for a shoot, and she decided to go for it. More...

Growing Hair Back Out
Women with short and long hair Growing back long, pretty locks is not that hard. It requires much patience to let the hair grow back in. It does not take many hair care products to grow your long locks back. Growing hair back is about whether or not you should do something to your mane. More...

Hair Horrors
Hair horror We have all heard the horror stories of hair mishaps. The little girl with long hair that mysteriously ended up with a big wad of Bubblicious stuck in her locks. Or the time when you decided to try out a new hair color and came out making Bozo's hair look like a supermodel's mane. More...

Hair Tattoos and Glitter
Girl holding a tube of hair glitter gel Hair tattoos are a marvellous invention, because they can add a genuine feel to tresses. There are many different designs available in hair tattoos, like: hearts, butterflies, flowers, the moon and stars, zigzags, clouds, swirls, and smiley faces. More...

How to Find a Good Hair Stylist
Hair stylist and client Trying to find the right stylist can be like trying to find the best player in a cut-throat game of hide-and-seek. There are many places for them to hide. You never know when that winning player will pop out into the open and enter your life. More...

Thicker & Fuller Hair
Woman with thick hair Have you ever dreamed of having luscious thick hair? I had a girl friend who once told me that in heaven she would have beautiful long, thick hair hanging down her back. She confided that her hair would only grow so long and then it would stop. More...

Moon Position & Hair Horoscope
Long hair and full moon While horoscopes and astrology are popular for explaining various facets of personality and the future, these guides can also be used to help guide your hair care and styling choices. Your astrological sign and the position of the moon can help determine which style would work best for you. More...

The Pixie Cut Surprise
Long hair before a surprise pixie cut This is a haircutting story that illustrates how quickly and unexpectedly a person's opinion about hair can change. This is one of those haircutting stories that will make you want to go straight to the hairdresser and get your own hair cut short. More...

Lock of hair Hair jewelry became popular in the United States at the onset of the Civil War. As soldiers were leaving home, they left locks of hair behind. Upon the news that their beloved soldier had passed, the family would put that locket of hair into a ring, brooch, or pendant. More...

Moms and their Hairstyles
Mom and her hair Just like the fact that we all have different life stories and diverse backgrounds, we all have different mothers with different styles. There are as many styles for the "typical" mom as there are moms. What kind of mom are you, or do you have? More...

Make-up How To
Woman with good make-up Modern cosmetic uses are generally directed at emulating the looks that are currently fashionable. Apart from the basic aesthetics, make-up is used to emulate an evolving array of looks. General make-up information and application specifics for eyes, brows, lips, foundation, ... More...

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