Glenda Narulla Shaved her Head

Glenda before and after her head shave
Singapore based part-time model Glenda Narulla shaved her head a while ago. This is not exactly something any fashion model would be willing to do. Many models already shiver when being asked to cut their hair short.
Only a few are ready to go for a drastic chop, although the beauty of the British model Agyness Deyn with her hair clipped up short made many realize that less hair can mean more beauty.
Long hair is too often hiding beautiful facial features, nice expressions and true beauty. Still, only the brave models are ready to get rid of their long locks and the bravest of them all are prepared to shave their head.
Being ready to shave your head for a fashion shoot is a sign of true professionalism. Glenda was asked to shave her head for a shoot and only 9 hours before the actual shaving she decided to go for it. She kept smiling during the head shave because of the thrill and also because of the disbelief that she was actually doing it!
Bald women - Glenda Narulla
The reactions of people in her neighbourhood were mixed. Some were shocked, some devastated and some thought it was cool! She did wear a wig when she was out in public. Short or very short fashionable hair for a lady is widely accepted but not everyone is ready yet for the bald look.
Glenda’s hair is shoulder length now, and she would love to keep it short in the near future. She always had long hair until just before the shave. Being bald and the re-growth afterward probably made her realize that she doesn’t need long hair to be pretty. Short hair can be gorgeous on someone with beautiful facial features like Glenda.
A lot of women would love to know how it feels to have ultrashort hair or to be bald. Glenda would definitely encourage them to have a go at it. Having gone through the experience of shaving her head she discovered a revolutionary theory of what beauty really is … character. Glenda never regretted shaving her head and she would do it again.
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