Moms and Their Hairstyles

Soccer mom
We all have moms, whether they are still on this earth or not, we were all born to one. And just like the fact that we all have different life stories and different backgrounds, we all have different mothers with different styles. There are as many styles for the "typical" mom as there are moms.
What kind of mom are you, or do you have? I chose five different types of moms to talk about, well mainly their hairstyles. So next time you see a mom with 1 inch roots toting 3 kids along behind her, you will know what category she fits into, even if she is the mom looking back at you in the mirror! Now mind you, this is done all in fun and is not in any way judging any type of mom, or saying that ALL mom's in the various categories fit the bill.
So, let's start with that mom and her roots. Any guesses what kind of mom she is, how about if I add in a mini van and sensible shoes. Any takers now ... right, she's the Soccer Mom. Most soccer moms tend to have a very sensible hairstyle to match those sensible shoes. They need to be sensible with all of those games and practices they are running any number of kids to on a daily basis.
Another thing that most soccer moms have in common are their roots, usually visible due to the fact that their, once fabulous style, has gone flat like many a soccer ball thrown into the back of the soccermobile due to their busy rosters.
The next mom is as different from a soccer mom as American football is from any other kind of football in the world. It is the Executive Mom. This mom has an equally crazy life as the soccer mom but instead of dealing with a million out of control kids, the executive mom is dealing with a million out of control adults. She usually has well coiffed hair with not a single strand out of place, and roots---never. She has the salon experience that many other moms only dream of, being able to afford high quality cuts and colors on a regular basis.
Let's bring it back home to the Stay at Home Mom, this is where I fit in. Generally we are well put together, but not perfect. However, there are the days when styles don't quite get finished, well there are a lot of days when they don't even get started. Speaking from a personal standpoint, many times hair color is brought home from the grocery store and is usually whatever is one sale.
In addition to at home hair color, stay at home moms also do something else at home. Executive moms, you may want to look away for this next part ... stay at home moms sometimes even cut their own hair at home. Shocking isn't it. Anything to save a buck or two.
Time to hit the town with the Social Mom. For this one, picture Pamela Anderson. Beautiful, long hair that is perfect but not stiff. Usually the rest of the picture fits the hair style. From head to toe, always well put together. You would not catch her cutting her own hair or perusing the hair color aisle at the store. She is sitting in the chair next to the executive mom at the salon making plans for the weekend while her neighbour may be making plans for a merger. The social mom also is up on current styles and is often referred to as, dare I say, sexy.
Now, I know that "Leave It To Beaver" has been out of production for quite some time now, but there are still a significant number of moms out there that fit into the Betty Crocker Mom category. You know the type, like Bree Van De Kamp from Wysteria Lane (Desperate Housewives). Always looking great, nothing can shake her cool exterior. She will bake cookies, kick around the soccer ball, help her kids with homework, and still have her hair styled perfectly. And the thought of visible roots, bite your tongue!
Last but certainly not least is the New Mom. I think that sometimes they deserve the most praise. For the most part she is still ignorantly bliss at the prospect of raising her children. Wait till she has been spit on, puked on, been used as a diaper, had her skirt lifted in public, had a breast pad fail in public and had boogers wiped on her on a regular basis. Let's see how blissful she is then!
New moms are easy to spot, especially if they have a colicky baby. They usually can be overheard bragging about their shower, not how wonderful it was but the mere fact that they had one in the first place. Hair is often times not fixed and you can usually tell how old the baby is by how outgrown the cut and color are. Hang in there new moms, look at what you have to look forward to.
No matter what kind of mom you take the day to do something for yourself. Whether it's taking a long hot shower or playing with the kids. It's your day, live it and love it.
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Photo: Albina Glisic/Shutterstock
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