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A Short Haircut

One evening in May 2011 my wife told me that she would love to cut her hair short. I was in shock. I loved her long shiny brown hair and couldn't imagine having to live without it. It was about 5 inches longer than shoulder length and quite straight, with bangs. It was lovely to see it bounce on her back when she was walking. Running my fingers through the soft silky hair was a treat. And now she wanted to cut it all off? What a disaster that would be! We had a long talk about hairstyles and a couple of days later she went to the salon for ... a trim.
Pixie cut for a brunette She did make me think however. I had to admit to myself that a short haircut can be very pretty. I adored the short hair cut of Josie Bissett those days. Each week I was looking forward to the next episode of Berverly Hills 90210, mainly to admire her ultra-close crop. At that time she was sporting the lightly layered short haircut with the face-framing wisps and the sexy buzzed nape. It was especially the nape that was so irresistible.
One Saturday in July we were invited on a wedding party and, at that time I didn't realize it yet, but this would have a great influence on my wife's hairdo. One of the other guests on the party was a young brunette with similar facial features as my wife and ... the "Josie Bissett haircut"! She looked simply gorgeous and I couldn't stop admiring her cute short haircut. Next thing was getting a lot of mixed feelings: seeing my wife dance and her lovely long brown hair bounce on her back and at the same time seeing the young lady with the cute short hair cut and the adorable clipped nape. Very different and at the same time both very pretty ... . I didn't tell my wife anything. I simply enjoyed the view and tried to make up my mind.
Then it was Sunday evening and I made a decision ... I would ask her to cut her hair short! We were both sitting on the coach, watching television. My fingers were running through her soft long hair and then, after hesitating for almost half an hour, I asked her: "Darling, would you still like to cut your hair short?" "Of course", she said, "I think a short haircut would really suit me". I knew that she was right. She has the perfect face for a short hairstyle. "What do you think about Josie Bissett's haircut?", I asked. "I love it", was the enthusiastic reply". Only minutes later we had an agreement: She would get her hair cut in the same style is Josie Bissett!
On Monday she would call the hair stylist to make an appointment. I went to work that Monday and when I got home she had a surprise for me: The appointment was on Tuesday at 2pm. Less than 24 hours from now and she would be cropped short. At that moment I fully realized that her long hair was very close to being history! That night we made the last photos of her with her long hair. She put on some make-up and a beautiful short sleeve satin button-front blouse. It was hard to imagine that the lovely long locks that were laying on the luxurious satin of her blouse would soon be hitting the hard floor in de hairdresser's salon.
It was Tuesday morning. I had a good last look at her long hair before going to work. "Are you sure?", she said. I stroked her hair and replied: "Go for it!" and then I left for work. I got home that night around 5 pm and was thrilled to see her with her new look. We agreed however to make my meeting with her short haircut special. I was in the living room, with my eyes closed. Then she entered the room and stood in front of me. She took my hands and put them on her shoulders. The first thing I felt was the satin of the blouse, but no long hair on her shoulders. Then the collar of her blouse, and still no hair. Next was the clipped nape, her lovely ears and ... finally ... some hair ... short hair. Then I opened my eyes and she looked gorgeous! It was a huge difference compared to her previous look, but she was prettier than ever before.
She kept the short haircut for a while and then grew it out again. Her hair is shoulder length now. A long layered bob with long bangs, just above her eyes. Last Summer she was complaining that it was so hot with her long hair. I know that she is ready to cut her hair again. By the end of next Summer she will probably sport a short gamine crop again ... .
This is a true story.