The Pixie Cut Surprise

Long hair before cutting it short in a pixie
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This is a haircutting story that illustrates how quickly and unexpectedly a person's opinion about hair can change. It is one of those stories that will make you want to go straight to the hairdresser and get your own hair cut short.
My wife had lovely, long, brown hair. It was soft and shiny, and extended well past her shoulders. Her bangs were long and covered her eyebrows. I loved how her eyes peeked out from under her bangs. The thought of her with a short haircut had never crossed my mind. Her long hair with long bangs was her trademark, and I couldn't imagine her with any other look.
On a Thursday evening in March, we were watching television together. We sat on the couch and both wore cozy turtleneck sweaters. We wanted to see the weather forecast, and the weatherwoman appeared on the screen. My wife and I were completely surprised by her appearance and were literally staring at her with our mouths open. Our favorite weatherwoman still had shoulder-length hair the night before, and now, today, there she was… with her hair cut in a short pixie style! "Wow, she looks gorgeous!" said my wife.
I had to admit she looked gorgeous with her cute, short haircut, complete with short bangs and a breathtakingly short buzzed nape. She looked super cute with her bare ears, bold short bangs, and shaved neck. She was actually prettier than with long hair, and I was puzzled. I used to prefer women with long hair, but at that moment I suddenly thought someone with very short hair looked amazing! At that moment, I did not realize that this evening would be the beginning of the end of my wife's long hair. She herself did not realize it either...
While fiddling with my wife's long hair, I asked her, "Do you really like her pixie cut?" "Oh yes," she said, "This is the perfect haircut for her and much better than her previous look." I then tried imagining what my wife would look like with short hair. She had a face shape and features similar to the weather lady, and it suddenly occurred to me that she would look great with short hair too! The thought of my wife with short hair was actually quite exciting, but I instantly realized I would miss her long locks and long bangs.
I hesitated and then asked her the inevitable question: "Would you dare to cut your own hair that short?" "Oh yes, I would love having my hair cut like this," she replied. "I love my long hair and I know you don't want me to cut it, but I must confess I have already secretly fantasized about a cute short haircut for myself." "And what if I asked you to cut it?" I asked. "Would you like that?" she said, "Would you like it cut all the way from long to short?" I saw her blush as she asked the question, and I actually found it amusing. "I'm not sure if I'm ready for this, but I would actually find a long-to-short hair makeover to be really exciting," I replied. "Maybe I should cut it short someday," she said, while smiling mischievously and making a scissoring motion with her fingers. We then watched a movie, and that was the end of the haircut conversation.
On Saturday, we were invited to a party. My wife looked lovely with her glossy, straight hair. She had gone out of her way with her straightener to make it as beautiful as possible. She was wearing pants and a loose turtleneck. She rarely wears dresses or skirts, preferring to wear pants paired with a sweater, blouse, or shirt. She loves wearing turtlenecks. She knows I like seeing her in a dress every now and then, but for that party she chose a more casual outfit.
At the party, we sat at a large round table with people we didn't know. One of our table companions was a kind young lady who immediately caught our attention. Her hair was extremely short, similar to the pixie cut of our weather lady. She was wearing a shiny, silk shirt dress. Her dress, with a long row of buttons and shirt collar, matched her short haircut perfectly. "I love her hair," my wife whispered teasingly. "I like her dress," I replied, teasingly. She smiled and winked.
After some time, we started talking to the young lady. "Your hair is beautiful; I love it!" my wife suddenly said to her. "Oh, thank you!" She replied. “I still have to get used to it. I only got it cut earlier this week and had it in a short bob until then.” "I'm jealous," my wife said. "I wish I had the courage to cut my hair that short." "You should really give it a try," the woman said. "I'm sure short hair would flatter you and you would enjoy it. Short hair feels really good and liberating!" This conversation made me a little nervous. My wife, who had always had long hair, was talking to a young woman who had just had her hair cut very short, and the conversation was about how much fun short hair can be!
I saw them line dancing together a little later. It was quite a contrast: my wife with her long hair bobbing up and down as she danced, and the young lady with her cute pixie cut. Although her hair was very short, the woman actually looked more feminine than my wife. That was presumably because of her long satin shirt dress. Or maybe I should admit that short hair can be very feminine… After the dance, they continued talking for a while, and I suddenly saw the young lady grab my wife's hand and place it on her neck. My wife stroked the short hairs of the lady's shaved neck and smiled...
On Sunday we both had a hangover and there was no mention of hair. It was a lazy day spent lounging on the couch wearing turtlenecks. The next day, on Monday, we were both fit again. When we got up, my wife opened the wardrobe and took out a shiny button-front blouse and a pair of jeans. "No turtleneck today?" I asked. "No, I feel like wearing something else today," she replied. "I saw the way you looked at that lady's shiny shirt dress," she winked. "I don't own a shirt dress, but I'd like to spoil you with a satin blouse today." I was stunned and felt caught, but appreciated what she was saying and doing.
Shiny blouse with a buttoned up collar
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A bit later, she was all dressed, with cool jeans and her shiny blouse buttoned all the way to the top. She looked ravishing with the collar button of the blouse buttoned up. She knew I liked that look. And then the hair suddenly came up again. "I'd really like getting my hair cut short someday," she suddenly said. I loved her long hair, but I was struck by the young lady who looked so attractive with very short hair, and I knew my wife would look gorgeous with short hair too. And there was also the conversation about short hair she had on Saturday. I saw how excited she was when she had that conversation about short hairstyles. I got a little too excited and replied, "Okay, so why don't you go ahead and get it cut in a pixie right away?" "What do you mean by 'right away'?" she asked. "Today, before I change my mind," I said.
She startled and blushed. "You mean I should get my hair cut today, the same way the weather lady and that young lady have it cut?" she stammered. My answer was, "Yes, why not go for it?" I surprised myself with that response. I instantly regretted that statement, but there was no going back. I used to be horrified at the thought of her going short, but now I suddenly thought it was an exciting idea to go for it. I suddenly realized that because of me, my wife might soon have her hair cut short. What have I done?
"I don't have the courage to cut my hair that short," she said. "I'd rather go from long to short in stages: first a long bob, then a shorter bob, then a really short bob, and finally a short pixie cut. I have to go into town this afternoon to do some shopping. If it is all right with you, I would like to go to that new trendy hair salon and get a shoulder-length bob cut. You don't need an appointment, and I can walk right in." "Okay, let's do that," I said. “I didn't want to push you.” I breathed a sigh of relief. I had been apprehensive for a moment at the thought that she might cut her hair very short that day, but I could live with the idea of a shoulder-length bob. I thought her hair was saved...
I thought a long hair to bob makeover was actually quite exciting already. She would lose at least five inches that afternoon! We decided to take before and after pictures. She put on some extra makeup and styled her hair. It was pleasant to watch her shiny, long hair slide over her satin blouse while I was taking pictures. I had a good last look at the hair below her shoulders. This hair would soon be cut and fall to the floor of the salon. A journey from the luxurious satin, to the hard, cold floor and finally into the dustbin... A few snips with the scissors and her long hair would be history. Welcome bob cut!
At 1 pm she left for town, and I didn't hear from her until 3 pm. I wondered why it had taken so long. Then she texted me, "I'm heading for the hair salon!" "Good luck!" I replied. "I'm sure you'll look great!" At approximately 3:30 pm, another text message came in: "I'm at the hair salon and I think I'll be up in about fifteen minutes. The hair salon is very trendy. There are four hairdressers, all with fashionable short hair - bobs and pixie cuts. There is uplifting music playing in the salon. I love it!" Ten minutes later, there was another message: "It's my turn!"
Her turn to have her hair cut was at approximately twenty minutes to four. I assumed that cutting a bob wouldn't take too long and I expected her to be finished by around ten past four. However, it remained silent. Five o'clock and still no message… This is an extremely slow hairdresser, I thought to myself. Finally, at 5:10 pm, another message: "Ready! I'm coming home! I'll be there in about 20 minutes." Close the curtains and wait for me in the dark. I want to surprise you with my new look!" My heart skipped a beat at that point. "Your new look?" I replied. "You had a bob cut, right?" "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." she replied mysteriously.
A little while later, she came home. I swiftly turned off the lights and waited for her, feeling nervous. Maybe she had her hair cut a little shorter than shoulder length, in a bob just above the shoulders. Or maybe she was too frightened to get it cut and still had long hair. I would find out very soon... I closed my eyes and heard her gently open the door. "Keep your eyes closed," she said. She gave me a kiss, grabbed my hands, and placed them in her waist. "I want you to feel my new hair before you see it. Discover it step by step; start at my back and then slowly move up."
I ran my hands down her back, feeling the smooth satin of her shirt, but no hair. Then I went up to her shoulders, still finding no hair. My hands slid further up, to the collar of her shirt. I still didn't feel any hairs. Her collar was completely free of hair! "Did you cut it above the collar?" I said. "The best is yet to come," she replied. I was getting terribly excited now. I really liked this exploration. My hands went up slowly, and I began stroking her neck. My hands slid to the back of her neck and then gently up. I wondered how short she had her bob cut. I still couldn't feel any hairs. Then I felt short hairs and realized her neck had been shaved with clippers. "Wow," I thought, "a short bob with a shaved neck." Then my hands slid to her ears and I didn't feel any hair. I almost fainted in that moment. Her ears were completely exposed! Had she gotten a pixie cut? I panicked and quickly felt her forehead to find out if she still had her bangs. Most of her forehead was exposed, leaving me perplexed! I didn't know what to say, so I gave her a spontaneous kiss.
"Okay," she said. "I'll turn on the light and then you can open your eyes to discover the new me. Ready?" She turned on the light, but I kept my eyes closed. "I'm afraid to look," I said. "Okay," she replied with a laugh, "I'll count down and then you look. Three, two, one!" I opened my eyes and my initial reaction was a spontaneous "Wow!" She was breathtakingly good-looking and seductive. She looked charming with her short hair and exposed ears, and the short bangs really opened up her face. She had the perfect face for a pixie cut! I loved it! I couldn't take my eyes off of her and couldn't stop touching her shaved neck and her ears. She had a lovely smile on her face when she saw my reaction!
"I have one more surprise that I think you'll be pretty excited about," she said. "I bought two shirt dresses while shopping!" She opened a shopping bag and showed me two beautiful shirt dresses she had bought. One of them was silky, the other was not. "Shall I put one on?" she asked. She went to the bathroom and a few minutes later she returned, dressed in a silky blue shirt dress. Her new look with the shirt dress and the pixie cut was perfect! She looked stunning!
Silky shirt dress
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“What made you decide to get a pixie cut?” I asked. "It all happened in an odd and unplanned manner," she said. “When I left home, I had really planned to only get a long bob cut - shoulder length, not shorter. While shopping, I suddenly got the idea to surprise you with a shirt dress. I know you like them and I felt a little guilty for never wearing one. I ended up buying two.”
“Next, I went to the hair salon. When I entered, I instantly noticed that all the hairdressers had trendy short haircuts. They all wore the same white shirt with the salon's name printed on the back. The short haircuts left the collars of their shirts completely exposed, and I actually liked it a lot. It looked neat and preppy. Then, I realized that the shirt dresses I had just bought would look even better with a short haircut above the collar, just like the hairdressers had. At that point, I started considering getting an above-the-collar bob.”
“The uplifting music in the hair salon created a vibrant atmosphere, and I got into the right mood to do something crazy. There were posters of hairstyles on the walls, and some of them were lovely pixie cuts. Suddenly, I had the urge to get a pixie cut. I tried to talk it out of my head, but suddenly it was my turn. There was no more time to think about it... The hairdresser who indicated I could sit in her chair, had a pixie cut herself, and she was very pretty. Another trigger for my pixie-urge..."
"One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was sitting in her chair and pointing to a poster with a pixie-style I liked. While we were discussing the haircut, she unbuttoned the top buttons of my blouse, flattened the collar, and put a cape on me. She then asked if I was absolutely sure I wanted to go for it, and after my hesitant "yes," she grabbed the clippers. The buzzing clippers went through my hair, and seconds later, my long hair was shaved to about chin length. I felt a cold sensation on my neck instantly. I turned around, startled, to see my long hair on the floor, and we both laughed at my reaction. She then pushed my head forward and began shaving my neck."
Hair on the salon floor
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"It was surreal. About thirty minutes before, I had stepped into the salon with no plans to cut my hair short. I only wanted a long bob. Just ten minutes after I started feeling the urge to get a pixie cut, I was already sitting in the chair; my long hair had been cut off and my neck was being shaved. I was surprised at how quickly it happened, and it was amazing how I couldn't resist the urge to get it cut short. I had taken care of my beautiful long hair for years, and yet in just a few minutes I decided to cut it all off. I felt both sad and excited as I watched my hair slide down the cape. I had often fantasized about this, and it had seemed like something that would never happen, but now it has! I love my pixie cut!"
It is hard to believe how quickly it all went. On Thursday, we were sitting watching television, not knowing what was about to happen. My wife wore a sloppy turtleneck sweater, and I played with her long hair. Then, fewer than 96 hours later, we were back on the couch. I fiddled with the short hairs on the back of her neck this time, and she wore a silky shirt dress with the collar buttoned up. She looked better than ever before! She was as cute as a button!
She was delighted with her new look, and it even gave our marriage a new boost. I had loved her long hair, but I enjoyed her pixie cut even more. She received many positive comments, and two months later, her best friend also went pixie!
Pixie cut in progress - Nape view
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