Hair Tattoos and Glitter

Girl holding a tube of glitter gel
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Hair tattoos are a great invention, as they can add a genuine feel to your locks. There are many different designs available in hair tattoos, such as hearts, butterflies, flowers, moons and stars, zigzags, clouds, swirls, and smiley faces. The possibilities in designs of hair tattoos are so unique that it would definitely add zing to your look.
Unlike some other hair accessories, the tattoos never seem to be boring. They are also different from other hair accessories in that they do not break or pull at your hair. Additionally, they can be shampooed out. Glitter is part of the aforementioned hair tattoos and is in style right now. These tattoos would make a real fashion statement with one's hair.
Glitter worn alone, without tattoos, can help to make a hair fashion statement too. You may be able to purchase glitter gel or glitter hairspray from a store that carries hair fashion products. There are things that glitter can do to your hair. First, it can make it look as though it is glowing; the light would shine onto your locks and they would flicker in the lights. Secondly, glitter can emphasize a finished hairstyle.
When you are styling your hair in an interesting hairstyle, then using glitter gel or spray can help you to be even more decorative and draw attention. There are many colors of glitter that can be added to hair if you want to have a new look. Glitter hairsprays come in many different colors! They are a cool idea to add shimmer and neon to hair; it washes out with one shampoo, and it is only a temporary commitment.
Of course, glitter gel lends a shiny and glittery appearance to locks as well. Glitter gel also comes in many shocking colors such as gold, bright violet, and silver. You would use it as you would a normal hairstyling gel. However, the results would be much more noticeable than a clear gel.
Manic Panic glitter spray
Manic Panic glitter spray
Glitter gel gives a special effect to hairstyles and it is fun to experiment with different colors. They didn't have this type of hair product in the old days. It is interesting to have this hair fashion option in today's time. People from all walks of life wear this in clubs during the nightlife.
Many people are drawn to Manic Panic products for their hair. Manic Panic products for hair range in shades from ruby red to royal blue glitter hair gels. These products can be found at The cool colors can be found in jars full of glittery gel. I think Manic Panic has one of the best glitter gels on the market. It would be interesting to try one in each color; it's neat to have a variety of shades.
If you enjoy trying new things, then go for the glittery hair fashion or the hair tattoos for a modern look. It should be fun to do the hair fashion. I put gold glitter gel in my sister's dark brown, long, curly tresses and it looked beautiful. It only takes a few minutes to achieve a whole new look, and it is worth doing even if you lead a busy life.
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