Up-Style for Short Hair

Up-style for short hair
While it is true that some hairstyles are just too short for up-styling, the line that determines what is too short varies with the stylist asked. Even chin-length hair can be swept up into a pleasing up-style with patience and a little imagination. Below is an example of one such hairstyle:
Petals and Blooms:
I call this style 'Petals and Blooms" for the two main features of the style itself: the petal-shaped gathers of hair along the sides and back, and the bloom of curls at the top. It's cute and fun, and vaguely reminiscent of the hairstyles of the World War II era in overall shape.
It also features lots of details makes for a dazzling look when adorned with jeweled hairpins. I actually created this style myself for a client attending a holiday party last year. She loved it.
Creating the Style:
This style works best with hair that is at least 5 inches long and cut in a layered style. The woman for whom it was designed had such hair, and different length or type of cut will require adjustments to make the style work. Even if your hair doesn't meet these criteria you may be able to glean some ideas from the techniques shown.
Step One: The first thing we need to do is to wet the top section of the hair and roll it using small rollers or large perm rods and a styling product designed to give strong hold. (Perm rods work particularly well for this style because they give nice tight curls.) Once the top section is wrapped, the curls should be dried thoroughly and allowed to cool.
As an alternative, you can wait on drying the curls until after you've finished the back and sides of the hairstyle. You can moisten the back and sides using leave-in conditioner or light setting lotion and dry the entire head. This has the benefit of "setting" the style and will help it to hold-up much longer. It is recommended if you will be attending a function with a long duration.
Styling how to for an up-style for short hair
Step Two: Take a small section of hair at the crown of the head sufficient to allow you to form a French-style twist as a base upon which to build the rest of your style. Secure the twist with bob pins, and proceed to the rest of the hair on the back and sides of the head.
To create the "petals" of the style, take thin, wide slices of hair starting at the perimeter of the twist/base. Comb the slice to make the hair smooth then gather the hair to a semi-point. Clip a bob pin onto the slice, and while holding the end of the slice, flip the pin over and slip it into the base so that the ridged side of the pin is toward the scalp. Use the point of a tail comb to tuck the end under the "petal". Work your way around the twist/base in this manner, until you've completed your first rotation.
Continue as previously with slices taken from farther out. Stagger the position of the petals so that when you secure them, you can do so at a point between two petals on a previous row when possible. Do this until all the hair on the back and sides has been worked into "petals".
How to create an updo for short hair
Step Three: Once the back and sides are complete (and if you opted to dry the curls after finishing the back and sides, the curls are dry and have cooled) it is time to take out the rollers. Carefully remove the rollers and break apart the long "barrel" curls created by the rollers into smaller curls using either your fingers, the point of a tail comb, or a wide-toothed pick. Be careful not to stretch the curls.
The goal here is to keep the curls tightly wound. You may use a light misting of shine enhancing spray to add definition and control frizz if needed. Simply spray it on and gently press the curls with your fingers.
Finish the style by adding adornment if you wish. Small jeweled hairpins are recommended as the style has a great deal of detail of its own. When I initially created the style, we used a collection of hairpins with pearls attached to the ends, and placed one at the point of each petal. The result was beautiful, and as mentioned earlier, the client received countless compliments on her hairstyle.
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