Short Hairstyles to Suit Everyone

Short hairstyle that suits the face shape
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How to choose the right short hairstyle for your face shape.
Emma Watson is one of the celebrities who chopped off her long locks and went for a great new pixie haircut. Miss Watson stated that once the final filming for the last Harry Potter movie was finished, she wanted to do something different. She had thought about cutting off her long hair for some time, and when it was over she said it felt liberating. She announced her decision on Facebook.
There is not a woman out there who at some point has not thought about cutting off their long hair. One bad hair day after another and we find ourselves making an appointment with our hairdresser. However, when we arrive at the appointment, most of us chicken out and just get "the usual," our split ends cut off and a bit of a trim. The fact of the matter is, most of us want to be brave and go for that short look like Emma Watson did, but when it comes time we are terrified that it won't look good on us.
There is good news. No one should fear getting their hair cut short, because there is a short hairstyle that will work for everyone. It comes down to finding the right short haircut to suit the shape of your face. One stipulation is if you have long, thick, curly hair, it can be difficult to tame into a short style and will be better maintained in a shoulder-length cut. Wanting a shorter hairstyle with this type of hair is not worth the effort when even a bit of rain can turn it into a frizzy mess.
Oval Face
Perhaps the oval face is the best face shape to pull off any short hairstyle that one wants. A pixie cut style will accentuate your cheekbones and your eyes and a long angular bob will be the perfect frame for your face. Heavy bangs and hairstyles that fall into your face should be avoided because they will cover up the shape of your face and can have the appearance of adding weight.
Round Face
If your face is round, you should opt for a layered hairstyle that will frame your face. It should finish just below your jawline. Along with the cut, a sweeping fringe will help your face appear thinner and define your cheekbones. One-length blunt haircuts should be avoided as it will enhance the roundness of your face.
Woman who is trying to find out what her face shape is
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Long Face
A great chin-length bob will help give the appearance of width for an individual who has a long face. Full styling at the sides of the face will balance out the length of your face. However, it is important to avoid hairstyles that are long and parted in the middle as this will make your face appear even longer.
Square Face
Tousled, textured bobs are perfect for softening the edges of a square-shaped face. A bob will reduce the look of an angular jawline. Cuts should not end at the jawline as this will accentuate the square shape of the face. Instead, opt for a haircut that ends above or below the jawline.
Heart Face
Amazing cheekbones tend to be natural features for women with a heart-shaped face. For this reason, you will want to show them off by using a chin-length bob with a playful fringe cut. This will help give fullness around the jawline where it is needed most. If your face is very narrow at the chin, you should avoid really short hairstyles that are top-heavy.
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