Bob Hairstyles

Short and slightly angled bob with bangs and a shiny silver turtleneck
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Bobs can be both modern and classic and any lady can look glamorous with the right bob hairstyle. Also, this style is appropriate for any occasion.
The sharp lines of a classic straight bob make this a very comfortable style to wear. Styling is very easy and almost no styling aids are required. A brush or comb is all you will need to keep your hair style in shape.
Bob hairstyles are very versatile, and there are many different types of bobbed haircuts when it comes to length and style. The jaw-length bob is a particularly popular style, as it is neither too short nor too long. The perfect length if you ever decide to grow your hair out again! It is also the perfect in-between stage when going from long to short hair. Go for a mid-length bob if you are not sure whether you are ready for really short hair or not.
A short, sleek, single-length bob will accentuate attractive facial features. Precisely cut chin-length sides with shorter underlayers will make the ends go under on their own and frame the face nicely, creating the perfect style with jaw-caressing sides to bring out gorgeous facial features.
Hair inspiration - Different types of bobs
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Short bob haircuts just below the earlobe (nose-length) can look stunning with long, blunt-cut bangs cut just above the eyebrows. Although this bob is quite short, there is a lot of natural movement in the hair. This is the perfect option when you want a sexy, short bob hairstyle with sides that caress your cheeks. This style can be very cute and flattering to the face. Cut it to ear-length for an extra sweet effect. Cut it a bit shorter and show your earlobes if you want a stunning, original bob. If long bangs are not your thing, then a good alternative would be a short, uneven, wispy fringe.
A graduated bob can be very stylish and is very different from the classic straight bob. Layers will give the bob more volume, and tapered ends will make the hair look softer. Another option if the classic single-length bob is not what you like is a longer, rounded nape and short, blunt lines at the sides and front. Texture can do miracles and turn originally "ordinary" bob hairstyles into trendy styles.
Asymmetrical bob hairstyles and angled bobs with a shorter back can be very striking! If you dare, go for it! You'll get a stunning look and, without a doubt, many positive reactions. Many agree that an asymmetrical bob is special and gorgeous, but few have the courage to go for it.
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