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Your hair and men

Shiny long locks or a sexy short tomboy?

One of the first things men will notice about you is your hair. So, you better take good care of it. A hairstyle can make or destroy your entire look and beauty. Beauty is important to men and it will strongly influence the way they feel about you. Mother nature made men that way, so there's little we can do about it. The good news is that everybody can be beautiful. It's only a case of finding the perfect hairstyle and clothes to enhance your beauty. Start with your hair ... because it is often the first thing they look at.
Fashionable girl wearing a hat Men love long hair to run their fingers through and a head of bouncing long hair is simply irresistible for many amongst them. Long face-framing layered hairdos or shiny perfectly trimmed straight locks are a guarantee for success. With hair extensions becoming more affordable, instant long hair is no longer a privilege of the rich and famous. Many women in their forties that were already sporting a shorter haircut because short hair was supposed to be the "right" length for their age are getting hair extensions. No need to go through all the steps of hair growth again. Get extensions and you'll have long tresses within a few hours.
Bangs can do miracles! Long bangs are sexy and will never remain unnoticed. Don't worry about your fringe being long and covering your eyebrows and sometimes partly your eyes. Many simply adore this look! Ponytails have a positive effect also. Pulling your hair back in a ponytail will bring forward the beauty of your face and the bouncing ponytail on your neck and back can be very sexy. A high ponytail will get extra bounce and can be very cute. A special moment, through the eyes of a man, is when you undo the band and let your hair loose.
You might not expect this but many men love short hair. Be careful before getting your hair chopped off however. It is not because your boyfriend or husband says that he likes the short haircut of a certain celebrity that you should rush to your hairstylist to get it cut. A lot of men have very mixed feelings about short hair. They will find a trendy short crop extremely cute and attractive but at the same time they have problems with the idea of their girlfriend or wife getting rid of her long locks. Talk through it carefully with him before taking the plunge. Keep in mind that short hair requires a lot of care to remain attractive and that the edge between a cute short crop and boring short hair is very narrow. Monthly return visits to the salon are indispensable to keep the cut in good shape.
Use your imagination if your hair is short and you will attract men's attention. There are many things you can do to make a short hairdo look stunning, even when it is cut in a tomboy style:
- Spike it with gel for an original punky look
- Tousle it
- Cut it ultra short for a sophisticated look
- Use shiny spray
- ....
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