Taking the Plunge: Short Hair!

Long hair before cutting it off
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A cute and comfortable short hairstyle is something many women dream of, but it is such a drastic step if you have long or very long hair. Suddenly, you will have to live without the little curtain you have been hiding your face behind for all those years. The blanket that kept your ears and nape warm will be gone.
Getting rid of your long locks can be a very difficult decision. Some women will get them cut without hesitation, while others will find it a very tough decision. If you go for it with an open mind, getting your long hair cut short can be a thrilling and very interesting experience.
You won't just look different; you will also feel different after the haircut! Your hair makeover will also make you feel different as a person. Many women who get their hair cut short suddenly change their wardrobe too, to make the new look complete. The most difficult moment of the long-to-short makeover process is when you sit in the hairdresser's chair, looking at yourself in the mirror and realizing it is only a matter of minutes before your long locks will be on the floor.
Don't think of the scissors and clippers as tools to cut your long hair off; consider them as tools that will bring you a completely new and thrilling look. If you are not yet ready for a short hairstyle, then you might consider a medium-length hair style first.
As many short-haired ladies will confirm, a whole new world of possibilities opens up once your hair is short. There are so many attractive short hairstyles to choose from. You will be amazed to see how pretty you can look with a trendy short crop and wish you had gotten rid of your long locks a long time ago.
Hair makeover from long to a not too short hairstyle
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Get advice from your hairstylist before choosing a short hairstyle for yourself. She will first define what your face shape is and then give you proper advice. There are many different face shapes (oval, round, rectangular, pearl-shaped, heart-shaped, diamond, and square), and her advice will strongly depend on that.
After she tells you what the suitable styles and lengths are for you, it will be up to you to make the final decision: short or very short. If you are feeling courageous, go for very short. With short haircuts, less is usually more. A few centimeters less hair length can make a haircut look really stunning!
As previously mentioned, the possibilities with short hair are endless. A gamine crop looks youthful with feathery layers directed forward onto the forehead. A short, layered, boyish crop with a tapered nape is very adorable and a perfect way to wear straight hair. Slick it down with gel or wear it spiky for a sophisticated appearance.
If you want to make a statement, an angled bob with an elevated nape that has been shorn is the perfect look. This buzzed nape look will certainly get you noticed! You can, of course, also opt for a classic sweet hairstyle and enhance it with contrasting colors. A face-framing short bob with bangs can be very flattering and sexy.
Hair makeover from long to short
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Asymmetrical short haircuts are simply gorgeous, but they are only suitable for ladies with the right attitude. You must make sure that you will feel good with this slightly daring look. When you are ready for an ultra-short haircut, then a pixie style might be just what you need. Wear it spiked or get some length through the top for a ruffled look. Use gel for a bolder look.
If you have straight hair, the possibilities with bobs are numerous, and it is also quite easy to vary your look with only slight differences in length. A tapered bob with short bangs and fringy layers can be very charming. Light layering at the ends gives the hair extra movement.
A couple of shorter pieces of hair around the face and a slightly angled neckline will make a bob hairstyle look sophisticated. Experimenting with bobs can be fun, and a well-cut bob will never go out of style.