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Long to short haircut makeover
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Women's Short Hair Specialist in New York!
There is a very special hair salon located on 9th Street, in New York City's East Village: "Crops for Girls". This salon is unique because it specializes in women's short haircuts.
Actually, there's a big sign outside the salon that says "SPECIALIZING IN WOMEN'S SHORT HAIRCUTS". This might seem odd because the salon owner could be putting off clients who are not yet ready for short hair. The opposite is true; the salon is successful, and that success is thanks to their specialty: short hair!
Owner and hairstylist Michael Damico started cutting hair in 1985. Soon, he realized it was quite boring doing almost nothing else but trimming and blow-drying long hair. He opened his first hair salon in New York City in May 1992. It was a bit disappointing to see that most of his clients were coming in for just a trim.
Clients wouldn't let him cut their hair short. For such a drastic change, they were going to big-shot hairdressers charging $100 or more for a haircut. Michael charged only $30 and was perfectly capable of creating the same gorgeous short haircuts as the expensive hairstylists. That was when he decided to specialize in short haircuts for women.
He wanted to be creative with scissors and clippers. Michael loves doing funky haircuts, which work best with short hair. It is very exciting to start with a long head of hair, put all of your creativity into it, and end with a stunning short haircut. Doing good short haircuts takes much more practice than doing long hair.
The fact that Michael has so much experience with short haircuts makes him the ideal hairstylist to go to when you are ready for a big change. He will give professional advice so that you can get the most out of your new look.
You are always welcome to visit the salon and browse through the books with many short and very short hairstyles. Michael will be glad to give you advice on which short styles would look good on you. Are you curious about the possibilities of short hair for yourself? Pop in for a consultation. After seeing how versatile, trendy, and attractive short hair can be, you might just be ready to take the plunge too. Let this short hair specialist be creative with your locks and enjoy the beauty and comfort of a short haircut. The best part of all is that Michael sometimes gives away free haircuts!
Long hair to pixie cut makeover
Photos: Crops for Girls
There are many reasons why you might decide to go for a short haircut. The main reason, of course, is that the right short haircut can bring out a girl's natural beauty. Too many girls are hiding their beautiful facial features behind a curtain of long hair.
It is a pity to see how some girls are spending copious amounts of time washing and blow drying long hair when they would look much better with an easy short cut that they can style quickly. It is a fact that many girls would look best with a short haircut. That's why most stylists cut a lot of hair off when you give them carte blanche to do whatever they want.
How about a special souvenir of your visit to New York City? While you are in the Big Apple, visit the East Village. Shop at the fashionable boutiques and visit Manhattan's short hair specialist at 437 East 9th Street: "Crops for Girls".
Let Michael give you advice on short hair and enjoy seeing and feeling how his creative hands give you a gorgeous new look. It will only cost you between $35 and $40 (only $20 for students!) to discover the beauty and advantages of short hair. How about a short hair makeover to add some excitement to your visit to Manhattan?
Short hair is gaining popularity once again. Young women with very short haircuts are often seen in New York City these days. Did you know that New York's East Village is known for creating trends that quickly sweep through the rest of Manhattan and then the world? Maybe it's not a coincidence that Michael's salon is located there. Learn more about this salon on the Crops for Girls Website
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