Sexy Short Hair

Beautiful short hair seen from the back
Sexy Short Hair – The New Symbol of Sensuality and Femininity
Short hair can be sexy, very sexy. A short crop with chunky layers randomly scattered, framed by softer feathers, can emphasize a woman’s personality and femininity. Sexy short hair also has an uncanny ability to make a woman look much younger.
Although long hair, for many years, has been considered the embodiment of female beauty and femininity, it is worthwhile to remember that long and luscious locks framing stunning faces and ‘to die for’ bodies are a rare commodity, existing mostly in the movies and on the catwalk. In reality long hair is often limp, lank and well past its sell by date.
Cutting dull and lifeless long locks can spring hair back to its youth and in doing so also chops years off a woman’s age. Daring to don a sexy new hair style reflects confidence, self assurance and an upbeat attitude. Although like all hair styles, the right style needs to be on the right person and short hair cuts are no exception.
Below is some advice on how to make the most of a short hair cut so you are brimming with confidence, vitality, youth and above all sex appeal.
How to make a short hair cut look sexy
Of course there are no rules when it comes to hair and how you decide to cut and style it. Although as short hair can have the tendency to look ‘boring’, there are certain ‘guidelines’ to what makes a short style look ‘sexy’.
Hairdressing genius and style guru, George Northwood at Daniel Hersheson in London, is a big fan of short hair, but admits that the cut needs to be the right one for the individual in order to be ‘carried off’. According to Northwood, “It’s all about getting the right cut. At the moment it feels right to have the weight on top, and tapered in at the neck. You can go for something soft, like Kimberley Stewart, or more structured; but whatever you choose needs to look cool, current and to suit you.”
Hair that is one length can often look bland when it is cut short; avoid blunt lines as they will not give short hair any texture or definition. Incorporating lots of soft, tussled layers into the hair will provide for a young, modern, sexy new look. Short bobs, with or without a fringe can create an alluring, sexy effect, whilst enhancing and highlighting facial features.
Short hair cut elegantly promotes a chic, business-like air of dignity and confidence, and when worn in conjunction with a smart suit, does wonders in narrowing the divide between men and women in the workforce. For the less daring newcomers to short hair, an unkempt, choppy jaw length crop is ideal for weaning away from lifeless locks and replacing them with pure glamour and sex appeal.
Whilst the other extreme is a daring, boyish crop, which is arguably the cutest and sexiest short hair style of the lot. The sheer shortness really accentuates features and provides for a real ‘kick-ass’ attitude.
Why men love women with sexy short hair
Creeping into the 21st century, the days of sexuality and sex appeal being synonymous with long hair are definitely being challenged. Think of women in films who have roused men into a state of obsession, many of them are the product of hours of patient coiffeurring to sculpture the ultimate sexy short hair cut.
Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, and Mia Farrow in Rosemary Baby, whose short bob crafted by Vidal Sassoon on set, has been cited as the most ‘famous haircut in the history of haircuts’ and has caused men to buckle at the knees and women to curl over with envy. Why? Because short hair shouts out a carefree and easy going attitude combined with a dangerously dominating veneer.
The way a sexy short hair cut accentuates beautiful eyes and lips leaves men very capable of not only fantasizing about a woman with short hair, but also falling in love with her. Men also like the nape of a woman’s neck. The fact that short hair exposes this highly sensual and sexy part of a woman’s body indisputably encourages a man to find women with short hair attractive and sexy.
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