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Sexy Short Hair – The New Symbol of Sensuality and Femininity
Short hair can be very sexy. A short haircut with chunky layers randomly scattered, framed by softer feathers, can emphasize a woman’s personality and femininity. Sexy short hair also has an uncanny ability to make a woman look much younger.
Although long hair has been considered the embodiment of female beauty and femininity for many years, it's important to remember that long and luscious locks framing stunning faces and "to die for" bodies are a rare commodity, existing mostly in movies and on the catwalk. In reality, long hair is often limp, lank, and well past its expiration date.
Cutting dull and lifeless long locks can bring hair back to its youth and, in doing so, also take years off a woman's age. Daring to wear a sexy new short hairstyle reflects confidence, self-assurance, and an upbeat attitude. However, like all hairstyles, the right style needs to be on the right person, and short haircuts are no exception.
Below is some advice on how to make the most of a short haircut so you are brimming with confidence, vitality, youth, and, above all, sex appeal.
How to make a short haircut look sexy
Of course, there are no rules when it comes to hair and how you decide to cut and style it. Although short hair can sometimes have the tendency to look "boring," there are certain "guidelines" to what makes a short style look "sexy."
I am a big fan of short hair, but the cut needs to be the right one for the individual in order to be "pulled off". It’s all about getting the right cut. Right now, it feels right to have the weight on top and tapered in at the neck. You can go for something soft or more structured, but whatever you choose needs to look cool, current, and suit you.
Hair that is one length can often look dull when cut short. Avoid blunt lines, as they will not give short hair any texture or definition. Incorporating lots of soft, tousled layers into the hair will provide for a youthful, modern, sexy new look. Short bobs, with or without bangs, can create an alluring, sexy effect while enhancing and highlighting facial features.
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Short haircuts elegantly convey a chic, business-like air of dignity and confidence. When worn with a smart suit, they work wonders in narrowing the divide between men and women in the workforce. For those new to short hair and less daring, an unkempt, choppy jaw-length crop is ideal for transitioning away from lifeless locks and embracing pure glamour and sex appeal.
On the other end of the spectrum is the daring pixie cut, arguably the cutest and sexiest short hairstyle of them all. Its sheer shortness accentuates features and exudes a real "kick-ass" attitude.
Why men love women with sexy short hair
Creeping into the 21st century, the notion that sexuality and sex appeal are synonymous with long hair is definitely being challenged. Consider women in films who have captivated men into a state of obsession. Many of them are the result of hours of patient hairstyling to craft the ultimate sexy short haircut.
Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, and Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, whose short bob, fashioned by Vidal Sassoon on set, has been cited as the most "famous haircut in the history of haircuts," causing men to buckle at the knees and women to curl over with envy. Why? Because short hair conveys a carefree and easygoing attitude combined with a dangerously dominating veneer.
The way a sexy short haircut accentuates beautiful eyes and lips leaves men not only fantasizing about women with short hair but also falling in love with them. Men also appreciate the nape of a woman’s neck. The fact that short hair exposes this highly sensual and sexy part of a woman's body undoubtedly contributes to men finding women with short hair attractive and sexy.
Some men shudder at the mere thought of their wife or girlfriend getting her hair cut short. But remember, not all guys are like that. There are also many men who find short hair very attractive on a woman and always look forward to their partner's next visit to the hairdresser. They love it when she walks in with freshly-cut short hair. However, sometimes men are afraid to admit that they actually like short hair on a woman. This is because, by mainstream standards, they are supposed to prefer long hair.
Don't shy away from the subject and talk about it openly with your boyfriend or husband. Maybe he secretly hopes you'll cut your hair short one day, but he's afraid to ask. Who knows, maybe soon it will be your turn to brave the scissors and happily walk out of the salon with a cute and comfortable short haircut. Think about it, this would be a win-win situation. You could enjoy the many benefits of short hair and entice your partner with it at the same time.
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