A Blunt Haircut Versus a Layered Cut

Girls with a short layered and a long blunt haircut
There are various options of having both a blunt haircut or a layered haircut and many times we have short sighted visions in our mind of a sharp sword edged short cut verses the layered cut that can be seen with unsightly short ends sticking up all over the head.
One thought is for you to be honest and ask yourself what is the most important concept that you have about how you would like to wear your hair? For example, many who have worn their hair in one length most of their lives are fearful of hairstyles with layers, because for one thing, they don’t know how they would cope with them; if they had them. Perhaps some have discovered this by trying out a layered haircut, but never completely mastered how to work with the new design for themselves and soon went back to the all in one blunter.
If you find yourself thinking once again about having layers, why not go slowly and just get layers around the edges of your ends and a few choppy bangs. It is amazing what a little bit off will do for you once you get the knack of how to style it for yourself. With long layers, you will still be able to put it up in your ponytail, flip it up, coil it, blow it under or around your face and straighten it.
The bangs will lighten and lift up your facial features instead of wearing the usual straight pattern of hair drawn over the face. With bangs you will also have fluff and bounce. Customized bangs are also “youth-a-nizers” they make you look so much younger. When your hair is all one length, you will rarely see any bounce because the hair is too heavy for a pouf.
When your hair is all one length, there isn’t any pouf because of the concentration of lineage into the straight smooth effect that rides close to the head. Or, if you have worn your hair in layers for many years and have wanted to go for the bob, but every time you decide to let it grow out; you’ve only discovered that when it gets to that certain length you cannot handle it anymore and become frustrated and end up whacking it off once again.
Patience to the rescue! There are hairstyles you can wear while going through the growing period. For example, the first problem that probably bugs you is your top, try taking sections and twist them back and away from your face and secure along your sides, in this way; your hair will be out of your eyes while growing. When this is done properly the look can be very attractive. Do the same with the sides. Take the top and bottom and twist back and secure with a comb or barrette.
Another tip is to take special efforts to roll up your hair either with the conventional rollers or hot rollers and you will discover what punch the extra length gives to your hairstyle. Use your hair accessories to help you pin back those aggravating strands that you are waiting to edge off into a blunt cut. Another thought is to part your hair after you brush it out from the rollers and bring it over with your comb and note the wave, take the end of the section and clasp it to your head. Hang in there, the best is yet to come.
With both haircuts you can still wear your hair up, back or down into flips. The difference is that a layered haircut will not be quite as smooth as a blunt cut. The layered haircut can bring many loose strands, dips, swirls and curls and that is very attractive, especially with today’s trendy hairstyles. With a long sleek haircut, the hair can be easily combed into the smooth upswing without a strand out of place, unless you want a few carefree tendrils lying about. A tip about keeping your hair in a long blunt cut is what it will look like when you roll it. Think of long lush waves and a few loose curls because that is what you would have.
Another consideration is the difference of how color appears on the layers verses the smooth blunt haircut. When the hair is of a smooth blonde design, every line of color of warm blonde, cinnamon, caramel or browns will be most apparent and obvious through the lines of panels made, whether the hair is up or down. The viewers will see the slices right from the beginning at the scalp. Not so, with the layers. The layers are usually curly, bouncy or full of waves. The colors will look splashier and three dimensional, more spots of light; and no less attractive. Both styles hold their own and cannot really be compared to what is more beautiful, because everyone knows that is in the eyes of the beholder.
Your hair length will also have a lot to do with how you feel about your bob or short layered hairstyle. There are several length bobs that you can select from, beginning from just up from your shoulders all the way up to curving around your chin. Sometimes the back can be tapered up with a longer structure from the crown coming down and then angling longer as it reaches upon the sides. The sides can be inverted.
Other times, a bob can be asymmetrical with one side curving around the chin, while the other side cuts half way over the ear and pointing upon the cheekbone. There are all kinds of bobs. If you have your heart set upon a bob, talk to your professional about the type of bob that will become your facial structure and personality.
If you have intense naturally curly hair and are thinking about a bob there are a few things to think about before you get the haircut. Because the bob is a smooth sleek cut, you will have the laborious task of flat ironing your hair every morning before you go to work or school and chances are, by the end of the day your waves will be returning.
There is always the service of getting your hair permanently straightened, which is quite costly and continues as your hair grows out. Another option is to use straightening gel and a large round brush and blow it all out slowly to see if you are going to like yourself without your curls. You could always get your curls cut into a bob cut and keep it natural; many of the big name celebrities have done this and look very stunning.
Layered hair is the same way, it is styled ultra short to super lengths and from super curly to lush sexy waves. The important thing is to communicate with your professional, wade through a lot of pictures, think positive, get some impute from those who are close to you; the ones who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth. Most important, go slowly; no need to rush. There will be a time of adaption and learning your new haircut. Remember, patience to the rescue!
Penny Williams - Hair Stylist
Photo: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock
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