Hair Carving & Hair Tattoos

Hair carving
For centuries, tattoos etched onto the skin have been a way of expressing freedom, liberation, and art. The exhilaration of self-expression through tattooing has been lifted into a new sphere, with hair designers experimenting in hair carving, taking tribal hair design to dizzyingly daring new heights.
Hair designers who thrive on creating cutting-edge hairstyles, which delve deep into their imagination, are passionately crafting hair tattoos. They blend a wonderful mixture of colors, patterns, and designs to create a genius emblem of uniqueness, individuality, and exquisiteness on any type of hair.
As the pursuit for multicolored, unique and skillfully creative hair intensified throughout the vibrant world of hair fashion, hair art guru Thierry Gras propelled an exclusive "haircarver" scene into the tremendously pulsating hair style industry in France in 2008. And now he has a highly sought-after show dedicated to this revolutionary medium of self-expression and hair art.
Masterfully parting the hair the way sculptures sculpt a masterpiece, just watching Thierry Gras craft his craftsmanship in hair carving and hair tattoos is a wonderful experience, which takes you to a far away world of tribalism.
Hair tattoo
Contrary to the popular image of hair tattoos being sculpted onto the shaven heads of males, celebrated hair carver Thierry Gras skillfully adds decoration and uniqueness to the long and luscious locks of beautiful women at his show in the Palace of Congress in Marseille.
How to Carve Hair
To flaunt a beautiful and uniquely inimitable hair tattoo as effortlessly and as skillfully as Thierry Gras does, requires loads of creativity and vision, a steady hand, and some essential tools, experience, and knowledge. Hair carving can be done in two different ways, by either shaving the hair or coloring it. To achieve the skill of fine lines and intricate details Gras creates with his hair tattoos, carving blades and trimmers are necessary.
To literally carve a tattoo onto the head, typically the hair must be a quarter of an inch above the scalp, allowing the hair carver to carve the design onto the scalp. Traditional hair art involved the use of color and paint, and hair carving can also be accomplished with the use of color, which enhances the richness and uniqueness of the hair carving.
Watching an artist perform their magic is always an inspiring and enriching experience, which can often give the onlooker a sound understanding of the task they are effortlessly achieving and a desire to become more familiar with the skill. After being mesmerized by Thierry Gras' awe-inspiring "hair carver" show, it is apparent that to successfully "carve" the hair, the cuts need to be made in a sweeping motion, as opposed to blunter and more defined movements.
How long do Hair Tattoos last and how much do they Cost?
Unlike a tattoo on the skin, which is permanent and can often cause its bearer great resentment and a sense of regret later on in life, hair tattoos or hair carving is only temporary and usually only lasts several weeks. A relatively high level of maintenance is required to ensure the hair tattoo maintains its "sharpness".
Like a conventional tattoo, the price greatly depends on the size, complexity of the design, as well as the individual skill and experience of the hair carver.
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