DIY Haircutting Instructions (2)

Hair and scissors
How to Cut a Choppy Pixie
The pixie cut is fairly straightforward. Unless you're starting with a head of hair that is very long, you don't even really need to section the hair to start working.
How to Cut a Dramatic A-Line
An "A-Line" haircut is a classic blunt cut bob hairstyle with slightly longer length at the front of the head than at the back, creating a slightly angled cut line.
How to Cut a Fringe
A look at the concept of the fringe, the problems that can be inherent in various hair types and solutions that can be adapted in many cases.
How to Cut a High and Tight
The high and tight style is a standard military haircut, generally seen in the Marine Corps.
How to Cut a Long Bob
Cutting instructions for a long bob. Demonstration on a training head.
How to Cut a Long Graduated Haircut
The long graduated cut is traditionally a cut for women who want an especially long layered look. As with other haircuts, the term long graduated cut can refer to a wide variety of specific looks.
How to Cut an Inverted Bob
Cutting tutorial for a bob with a long front and a shorter nape area. An easy to maintain hairstyle that is flattering on almost any face shape.
How to Cut a One-length Haircut
This is the cut that most people refer to when they say that they want the hair "all one length" and here's the easiest way to execute this staple haircut.
How to Cut a Short Graduated Haircut
A graduated haircut is an effect or haircut that results from cutting the hair with tension, and low to medium elevation or over-direction. Many graduated cuts also have a stacked area around the exterior.
How to Cut a Short Inverted Bob
Illustrated tutorial for a short inverted bob. This hairstyle goes well with oval, heart and triangular face shapes.
How to Cut a Short Bob
Cutting tutorial for a short jaw length bob with sides that curve inwards.
How to Cut a Short Stacked Bob
We need to discuss some important factors that have to be considered to make sure the cut is going to be suitable for the individual.
How to Cut a Uniform-Layered Haircut
The uniform-layered cut utilizes techniques that are a part of many other styles, making it a valued technique to master.
Stepped Haircuts
The term stepped haircut is one that few people understand. For some stylists, the term is interchangeable with a graduated haircut, but technically there is a specific difference.
Tapering with Scissors
How to perform a scissor-over-comb cut to taper hair.
How to Cut Hair for an Individual who is Bedridden
A common issue that arises for those who have long-term serious health issues is having their hair cut and trimmed to maintain a pleasing style.
How to Hold Your Shears
The two main variations for gripping the shears (Western Grip and Eastern Grip), and information on the tasks for which they work best.
How to Trim Long Hair
Reasons to trim long hair and how to instructions.
Layers of Style
A manikin's hair cut between the two styling sessions from a blunt cut with only slight beveling at the ends of the hair to a long-layered style. Visible evidence of the difference created by the addition of layering.
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