How To: A One-Length or Blunt Cut

How to cut a one length haircut
One of the basic haircuts in a stylist's repertoire is the blunt cut. This is the cut that most people refer to when they say they want their hair "all one length." Here's the easiest way to perform this essential haircut:
Section the Hair:
To begin, comb out the hair and divide it into the standard seven-section parting. This divides the forward portion of the head into the top section and left and right sides. The rear portion of the head is divided into four sections: left and right crown, and left and right nape.
The sections are twisted and secured out of the way using hair clips. This helps manage the hair more easily, especially if it's long, by working with smaller amounts at a time.
Mist the hair with water to create smoother and more defined sections. Once you've finished sectioning, keep the spray bottle nearby to ensure the hair remains damp. Damp hair is easier to cut and control during the cutting process.
Perimeter Cut:
Take a one-half-inch perimeter of hair around the head (including the full fringe area of the intended style) down from the sections you have created. Re-secure the rest of the hair into its corresponding section. Start in the back and cut a one-inch guide to the length to which you desire the hair to fall. Do the same in the front of the head. You can bring a segment of hair down in the front (if you wish a style without bangs) or pull segments forward from each side of a fringe area and cut a second guide.
Once you’ve done this, cut the fringe as desired (if bangs are intended) so that you don’t leave the hair hanging in the individual’s face. Otherwise, return to the back of the head and begin the process of connecting the guide in the back with the guide (or guides) in the front. Work from left to right, cutting approximately an inch at a time from one side, then the other.
Check to make sure that you’re keeping the sides even by pulling segments from the same point on either side of the head and bringing them to the middle front or back. If the ends meet evenly, the lengths are correct. If one side is shorter, trim them to be even and use the new length to adjust the length on the side that is out of balance. Once you’ve made the perimeter the length you desire, you are ready to finish the cut.
Hair cut to one length
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Interior Cut:
Lower the hair from the sections a half-inch at a time. Comb the hair smooth and make sure it is still damp. Using the perimeter as a guide, cut the hair off to the established length. When you have finished with the first segment, lower another half-inch or so of hair and repeat the process of cutting the hair to match the established length.
Continue in this manner until you’ve released all the hair and cut it into the blunt cut you desire. Be sure to keep the hair combed smooth and use no tension in holding the hair being cut. By allowing the hair to hang straight down without any elevation is key to keeping the hair smooth and evenly cut.
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