How to Cut a Short Bob

The short bob is a very in-demand style these days, as a short hairstyle surge has been rolling over Hollywood, and consequently the rest of the world the past few years.
Women are growing tired of long, high maintenance or damaged hair, and often opt for a fresh start and a short style. Impress your clients with your short hairstyle finesse and know-how with this short bob cut.
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1. What you’ll need: scissors, clips and combs.
2. Wet the model’s hair and comb it all to the back. Use a detangling product if the model’s hair tends to knot or tangle.
3. Draw a parting in the middle of the head, from the forehead towards the back, spanning from the hairline to the curve of the occipital bone. Cross-section this original parting with a parting running along the curve of the occipital bone, spanning from behind one ear right through the other one. This will form two sections on top of the head. Secure each section with a clip.
  • Tools needed to cut a short bob
  • Short bob - Wet the models hair
  • Draw sections to cut a short bob
  • Draw a parting at the nape

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4. Draw a simple parting at the nape area of the model’s head, no more than an inch from the neck-hairline. This will form your original weight line of the cut, so make sure that the width is correct. Clip the hair above the weight line parting securely with a clip.
5. Cut the original weight line according to the requested length. Remember that this tutorial is that of a short bob, so the weight line should be anywhere between the top of the shoulder and the jaw-line. Make sure that this line is straight.
  • Cut the weight line for a short bob
  • Short bob - Cut hair sections
  • How to ensure that the sides of a bob are equal
  • Sections for a short bob haircut

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6. Loosen the secured hair above your original weight line, and draw out another inch-wide section. Clip the rest of the hair up again to keep it out of your way. Comb down this longer section of hair over the section that you have just cut shorter.
When the hair is combed flat, use the original weight line as a guide, and cut the next section of hair according to the length of the original weight line.
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