How to Cut a Long Bob

  • How to cut a long bob
  • Side view of a long bob haircut
  • Back view of a long bob haircut

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1. What you will need:
a. Professional stylist scissors
b. Clips
c. Cutting combs
2. Wet your model’s hair and gently comb it out with a wide-tooth comb, until there are no knots or tangles left. It’s important that you always get rid of all knots and tangles before you proceed to cutting. Draw out a section of about two inches at the nape of the model’s head. Clip the rest of her hair securely on the top of her head with a crocodile clip.
  • Wet the hair and clip it with a crocodile clip
  • Cut a weight line for the bob
  • Cut hair in line with the weight line
  • Judge whether the hair is cut in an even line

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3. Comb out the section of hair that you have separated, and cut your first weight line. Remember that we’re cutting a long bob, thus your bottom weight line should be about in line with the model’s shoulders. Make sure that the line is even, and that there are no curves or angles along the weight line. It is paramount that the two opposite ends are exactly the same length. If it’s not, you’ll end up with an asymmetrical bob.
4. Draw out the next two inch section, and again secure the rest of the hair on top of the model’s head. The section that you have separated should be thin enough so that you can see the initial weight line cut in the previous step. The weight line should be visible between this new thin layer of longer hair. Judge your angle by the initial weight line, and cut this section in line with the weight line.
5. Again check that the opposite ends of the hair are exactly the same length. Pinch the hair in between your thumb and fore-finger, and pull your hands down the length of the hair in this fashion. Your pinched thumbs and fore-fingers should be in unison height when it reaches the tips of the hair. This is how you judge whether the hair is cut in an even line.
  • Draw a hair section in a square form
  • Move around the model's head
  • Ensure that both sides of the cut are even
  • Draw out a parting

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6. Draw out your next section. You’ll notice that you’ll be moving above the ear-level by now. Draw your section in a square form, so that the line is even and solid in a square around the circumference of the head. This is done to simplify the process for you, and to make sure that both sides of the head are cut in the same length.
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