How to Cut an Inverted Bob

  • How to cut an inverted bob - Side view
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1. What you will need:
a. Professional salon scissors
b. Clips
c. Cutting combs
2. Note that the model’s hair is wet and freshly washed. It is paramount to work with wet clean hair. Comb all the hair to the back of the model’s head. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out the hair, as this type of comb is the best to use while the hair is wet and in a fragile state. Gently comb the hair until the hair is free of al tangles or knots.
3. Use the back end of your comb and draw out a section of about two inches, and clip the rest of the hair on top of the model’s head to keep it out of the way. Comb the section down the nape of the model’s head, and cut the weight-line of the style. The inverted bob has a slightly curved angle here, as the style runs from short at the back to progressively longer towards the front area.
  • Inverted bob how - Start with freshly washed wet hair
  • Cut the weight-line of the angled bob
  • Inverted bob how - Section the hair in 3 sections
  • Inverted bob how - Seperate hair section

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4. Now section the hair into three separate sections. Draw a middle parting from the forehead to the crown area, and a connected parting from behind each ear. Clip each section with a crocodile clip to secure the hair. Note the triangular shape in the occipital bone area. This shape is very important in the cutting of an inverted bob.
5. Separate the next two inch section of the cut, and clip the rest of the hair securely out of the way. Use the weight line that you have already cut as a guide, and cut this section the same length as the previous line. Make sure that there are no angles or curves present when you’re cutting.
Use your original weight line as a guide throughout the cut as a primary reference while you’re cutting to avoid mistakes being carried through the entire cut.
Inverted bob how to 6. Repeat the above process all the way through. Remember to keep your sections thin enough so that you can always see the original weight-line through the hair. If your sections are too wide, you won’t be able to see the weight-line and your layers will become inconsistent, which will most probably ruin your cut.
7. Keep on going until you reach the parting between the occipital bone and the crown area of the model’s head. Once you’ve completed this stage, comb all the hair downwards and check for any hooks, curves and inconsistencies.
Ask the model to look down with her chin on her chest. There may appear some hooks in the nape-region when you comb the hair flat against the scalp while she looks down in this fashion. Cut the weight-line even and let the model look up again.
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