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Do-it-yourself Haircutting (3)

Stepped Haircuts
The term stepped haircut is one that few people understand. For some stylists, the term is interchangeable with a graduated haircut, but technically there is a specific difference.
Tapering with Scissors
How to perform a scissor-over-comb cut to taper hair.
How to Cut Hair for an Individual who is Bedridden
A common issue that arises for those who have long-term serious health issues is having their hair cut and trimmed to maintain a pleasing style.
How to Hold Your Shears
The two main variations for gripping the shears (Western Grip and Eastern Grip), and information on the tasks for which they work best.
How to Trim Long Hair
Reasons to trim long hair and how to instructions.
Layers of Style
A manikin's hair cut between the two styling sessions from a blunt cut with only slight beveling at the ends of the hair to a long-layered style. Visible evidence of the difference created by the addition of layering.
Offset Faux Hawk
A trendy men's haircut that offers balance and that prevents the face from appearing too wide.
Razored Circle Cut with Bangs - How To's
A basic modern circle cut with a little variation and texturing, using a razor tool.
Scene Hair
The styles that fall into the Scene category are as varied as you can imagine. However, there are very definite elements to the Scene style and we can define those.
Short Layered Haircut - How To
Haircutting guide for a short layered hairstyle. How to cut a short razored wedge.
Shorter Layered Cut with Weight Line
How to cut a variation of the pixie cut. This demonstration features a weight line.
Short Pixie Hairstyle
Haircutting techniques for a short pixie cut, especially flattering on fine-boned faces.
Square Layers
Square layers (or box layers) are a popular style element for most of today's current cuts. The technique creates defined layer groupings.
Star Sectioning
The star sectioning technique is especially useful when dealing with very dense, coarse-textured and/or generally unruly hair.
Texturizing the Hair
The methods of texturizing the hair can be grouped into different categories. We'll take a look at these groups of techniques and see how they differ and where they are most useful.
The Faux Hawk Haircut
The Faux Hawk is ideal for individuals who are looking for a style with a trendy, slightly-rebellious look, but who need to be able to fit in with their mainstream lifestyles, or corporate work environments.
The Mullet Haircut
In the 80s the mullet was worn by all types of men. It offered a choice in hairstyles that allowed a man to have long hair, yet be able to look "neat and well-groomed".
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