How To: A Uniform-Layered Cut

How to cut a uniform layered haircut
One of the fundamental haircuts in a stylist's repertoire is the uniform-layered cut. This haircut utilizes techniques that are part of many other hairstyles, making it a valuable technique to master.
Sectioning the Hair:
To start, the hair should be combed out and separated in the standard seven-section parting. This divides the forward portion of the head into the top section and left and right sides. The rear portion of the head is divided into four sections: the left and right crown, and the left and right nape.
The sections are twisted and secured out of the way using hair clips. The purpose of this is to make the hair more manageable, especially with longer hair, by working with smaller amounts at a time.
Mist the hair with water to make the sectioning smoother and more clearly defined. Once you've finished sectioning, keep the misting bottle nearby to ensure the hair stays damp. Damp hair is easier to cut and control during the cutting process.
Perimeter Cut:
Take a one-half-inch perimeter of hair around the head, including the full fringe area of the intended style, from the sections you have created. Re-secure the rest of the hair into its corresponding section. Start at the back and cut a one-inch guide to the desired length at which you want the hair to fall. Repeat the same process at the front of the head. The lengths in the front and back should be equal.
Work your way around the head, cutting the perimeter using the already established guides to measure the lengths. With a truly uniform cut, the perimeter will follow the outline of the hair. Work from left to right, cutting approximately an inch at a time from one side, then the other, in order to help keep your haircut even.
Check to make sure you're keeping the sides even by pulling segments from the same point on either side of the head and bringing them forward or back to assess the balance of the lengths. Adjust any imbalance to even out the lengths on the side that is out of balance. Once you've achieved the desired length for the perimeter, you are ready to finish the cut.
Interior Cut:
Lower the hair from the sections a half-inch at a time. Comb the hair smooth and make sure it is still damp. Use the perimeter cut as a guide length and take slices of the hair starting in the back and hold it out slightly from the head and cut the hair at an angle (keep your scissors parallel with the scalp). Work from the center back, moving from the left side to the right side, to maintain even and balanced cuts. Use a small portion of the already cut hair as a reference to determine the length for the next portion.
When you have finished with the first segment lower another half-inch or so of hair and repeat the process of cutting the hair to match the established length. As you move up along the scalp, continue raising the elevation at which you hold the hair. Around ear level the hair should be held parallel to the floor and your scissors would be held vertical in cutting.
Continue in this manner until you’ve worked your way to and through the top sections of the hair. The very top section will be held straight up from the scalp over the head and your scissors will be held parallel to the floor for cutting.
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