High Bubble with Simple Braid

  • Updo with a high bubble and braid
  • How to style hair up with a high bubble
  • Tools and hair products to create a high bubble updo

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What you will need:
a. Hairspray
b. Clips
c. Aftercare products
d. Bobby pins
e. Combs
1. Comb all the hair to the back of the model’s head to get rid of any tangles or knots. Note that we are working with dry hair that has been washed a day or two before; as is always best in these kinds of up styles.
2. Tease the hair in the occipital area with you tease-comb. This will be the bubble-area, so make sure that you create enough volume to create the eventual bubble.
  • Comb all hair to the back
  • Tease the hair and create volume
  • Sponge to create a sock-bun
  • Roll the sponge into the hair

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3. This is an exaggerated bubble style, thus a large bubble is paramount. If you have trouble forming such an extensive bubble, you can use this device usually used to create a sock-bun. These are widely sold in hair and beauty shops, as well as online. It is basically just an elongated piece of rough sponge, with clip-in buttons on the sides.
4. Use your teased section, and roll the sock-bun sponge into the hair; rolling from tip to root. This will look untidy because of the rough back-combing present in the hair, but that’s fine. We’ll be doing the smoothing-down work in a short while. Note that you are leaving the fringe-area separate from the sock bun, as we’ll need that hair to smooth over the teased area.
5. Bend the sock-bun sponge to form a circle, and clip the buttons together to secure the sponge in the hair. Now you will comb the fringe area over this section to form the exaggerated bubble on top of the head.
  • Secure the sponge in the hair
  • Pin the bun into place with bobby-pins
  • Start with the braid
  • Secure the braid at the bottom

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6. Note that this hairstyle isn’t meant to have a perfectly smooth or seamless surface, yet it must have an element of structure and order to it. Pin the bun securely into place with bobby-pins. Neaten the bubble to a satisfactory extent without compromising the structure or base of the bubble.
Use the long end of your tease-comb and your aerosol hairspray to comb and spray the bubble into place. The spray will enhance the shine of the style as well as reinforce the structural strength.
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