Benefits and Consequences of Dreadlocks

Lisa Bonet with her long hair in dreadlocks
Lisa Bonet - Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Dreadlocks have this super earthy, hippy, natural feel and they have become an extremely universal style, crossing races and genders. Bob Marley, Whoopi Goldberg, Ani DiFranco, Lisa Bonet, Adam Duritz, and reality star Whitney Mixter have all rocked the dreadlocks at some point (some are still keeping the party going) and they all did it extremely well.
Even when Shakira had some temporary dreads, she made the world want to go out and emulate her look and there are many amazing reasons why we should all go that route.
Dreadlocks are definitely a look to be considered, and all of the people who have maintained them for years on end should win an award. However, acquiring this look takes a long time and because of that, it is not something that can be undone overnight. You can't just wake up and say, "I'm done with my dreads; let me comb them out" because it doesn't work that way. If it did, they would not take so long to perfect and furthermore, everyone would have them at some point because they would be easy to get rid of.
Here are some pros and cons if you are considering dreading out your locks so you can decide whether to continue or stop before it may be too late. Dreadlocks can be a pretty awesome hair choice, first off because they are extremely cost-effective and time-efficient. The fact that there is virtually little to no maintenance and upkeep when it comes to having dreads makes this look very desirable for those who are thrifty.
Whoopi Goldberg with her hair in dreadlocks
Whoopi Goldberg - Photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock
You only have to wash your hair every two weeks, roughly, because water can loosen and thin out your hair, thus somewhat ruining the dreads that you have worked so hard to obtain. The longer you keep your hair in this style, the less often you should wash it, and you should use minimal amounts of shampoo and conditioner to save money. The only styling tool you may need is a hair dryer, so you save on having to purchase new flat irons and curling tools. Money in your pocket thanks to your hair? How can you say no to that?
Because of all of the natural oils and lack of heating tools, your hair is going to gain length much faster than you would expect which is great if you are desperate for longer hair. Furthermore, if you are prone to tangles and knots, you no longer will have to comb and/or brush tirelessly through your hair to detangle it.
Your hair is styled and ready to go, and the effort is so minimal that you can wake up and go, just using a hair tie, bandana, or hair band. And the time that you save on styling your hair can be better spent creating new dreadlock hairstyles, going out with friends, reading, studying, playing outside, laughing; the important things in life.
Adam Duritz dreadlocks
Adam Duritz - Photo: EdwinAC /Shutterstock
You have fallen in love with the idea of having dreadlocks, more time, and more money, and that is great, but you need to look before you leap and that means weighing the pros and cons. And when I say weigh, I mean weigh, as in weigh your head down.
Some people find dreads, much like hair extensions, too heavy for their heads at first, especially when it comes to sleeping. That is one thing that is not so much fun; the heaviness of your hair as it clumps together and essentially becomes several large knots. Along with that, people can assume that you're a dirty person because the assumption is that you do not wash your hair at all because they are misinformed about the proper dread maintenance and maybe you are too.
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